‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 6: Stefan Threatened Kate, Chad Defended Will, And Ben Rescued Ciara [Recap]

Willy SanjuanAP Images

The Days of Our Lives recap for Wednesday, June 6, reveals plenty of significant shocks and life-threatening situations for Salemites as trouble comes knocking.

A shocked Will (Chandler Massey) opened his door to none other than The Necktie Killer himself — Ben (Robert Scott Wilson). Ben stopped by to let Will know he was back and to make amends. However, Chad (Billy Flynn) arrived and ended up punching Ben in the face when he mentioned Abby (Marci Miller).

Although Ben claimed that reenacting the strangulation made him realize what a monster he’d been, neither man bought it. Then Ben mentioned he didn’t have the money to leave town, so Chad not only ponied up the dough, but he also drove Ben to the edge of Salem. So long.

At the park, a hobbled Stefan (Tyler Christopher) threatened Kate (Lauren Koslow) with his mother’s gun. “Wherever you go, I’ll be there,” he promised. Kate told Stefan she didn’t murder Vivian (Louise Sorel), but he didn’t believe her. When his yells caused Kate to scream and jump in fear, Stefan laughed.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) arrived and interrupted the threatening situation, and Stefan revealed the gun wasn’t even loaded. However, he told Kate next time she wouldn’t see him coming. Just as Kate nearly opened up to Marlena, Kate learned the terrible news that Ben had been released, and she demanded Marlena declare Ben unfit, but Marlena refused.


On the side of the road, a hurt Ciara (Victoria Konefal) dreamed terrible dreams, and in the middle of them, she heard her phone ring, but she wasn’t able to reach it in time. Then, her battery died. Meanwhile, Ben stumbled upon her after Chad dropped him off, and he wanted to use her phone to call for help. Unfortunately, it was still dead. He ended up picking her up and carrying her off into the darkness.

At the pub, Steve (Stephen Nichols) broke a glass, but he got upset when Tripp (Lucas Adams) tried to clean it up. Then, he changed his mind and let his son help. Tripp discussed the terrible news about Ciara’s rape with his dad, and Steve gave him the advice to give Ciara space. Of course, neither of them knew she had wrecked her bike, and now Ben carried her into the night.

Finally, out of options, a desperate Kayla called Stefan and accepted his offer. She said she would help take Kate down in exchange for him helping restore Steve’s eyesight. Unfortunately, Stefan didn’t like the dirt Kayla gave him. What lengths will she go to to get more?

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