Becca Kufrin Opens Up Her ‘Bachelorette’ Closet

Paul HebertABC

Becca Kufrin is opening up her closet. The Bachelorette star invited Good Morning America to take a peek inside the huge closet that houses all of the clothes she will wear this season on the ABC reality show. Becca will wear a whopping 118 outfits on her season of The Bachelorette.

Longtime Bachelor stylist Cary Fetman helped Becca curate the perfect closet with dozens of shirts, shoes, accessories, and gowns — like that white $20,000 pearl-embellished gown that she wore for her opening night meet and greet with her 28 suitors. Still, even with all of those glamorous outfits in her closet, Becca Kufrin revealed that once in a while she just wants to get comfortable in a robe and slippers. Bachelor producers turned that request down.

Since she has to look her best for her role as The Bachelorette, Becca admitted to GMA that looking good is “one of the best” ways to get revenge. Fans of the rose-filled reality franchise know that Becca’s heart was broken by last season’s Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. when he broke off their engagement as ABC’s cameras rolled.

Becca Kufrin is in good hands with Carey Fetman. The veteran stylist has been filling the closets of The Bachelor and Bachelorette for years. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter‘s Pret-a-Reporter, Fetman revealed that he tries to mix high and low brands to make the outfits “reachable.”

“Sometimes it’s Bloomingdale’s, sometimes it’s Neiman Marcus, ” the Bachelorette stylist dished. “Sometimes I go to Old Navy for tanks.”

Fetman also revealed that the first fitting for the Bachelorette usually takes two days and 18 to 19 racks of clothes. The stylist knows that The Bachelorette will be traveling to different locales, so he tries to plan accordingly.

“I try to pack every suitcase for the week based on what I think the dates are going to be, but sometimes things change last minute. Sometimes I think she’s going on a yacht but then she’s going on a helicopter ride. We just make it work,” The Bachelorette stylist said.

While The Bachelorette‘s closet is covered, Becca Kufrin knows firsthand that the rest of the show’s cast members are on their own. Becca’s Bachelor co-star Bekah Martinez recently revealed that she nearly went broke funding the outfits for her stint on Arie’s season of the show.

In an essay for Glamour, Martinez revealed that she went to friends, including a pageant queen, to borrow as many dresses as she could and reached out to local swimwear companies to get some free bathing suits, but she was forced to drop cash at stores like Nordstrom Rack to fill the rest of her Bachelor suitcase.

E! News previously revealed that the contestants on The Bachelor franchise typically shell out anywhere from $1,800 to $8,000 on shopping sprees before they head to the mansion, but the leads’ closets are covered by ABC.

You can get a peek inside Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette closet in the video below.