Ashley Reyes Update: Pictures Show Amazing Transformation, 300-LB Loss Following ‘My 600-LB Life’ Appearance

Ashley Reyes lost hundreds of pounds after appearing on My 600-LB Life, but more importantly was able to tackle the demons from her past that had been weighing her down.

Reyes first appeared on the TLC docu-series last year, topping the scales at 668 pounds after a lifetime of trauma and addiction to eating. Reyes was at her lowest point when she was featured in early 2017, saying she felt like a “monster” and was filled with guilt for the burden she had placed on her family. And while she lost a significant amount of weight after appearing on the show, Monsters and Critics noted that Ashley still had some other issues to address before reaching full health.

Ashley lost more than 300 pounds after appearing on the show, but was filled with chronic pain and now had to deal with the inconvenience of loose skin that required surgery to be removed. Viewers who watched Ashley’s update on the “Where Are They Now” special saw Ashley and her husband, Daniel, working on these issues together.

To many who saw her first appearance on the show, it was not a surprise that Ashley Reyes was able to lose so much weight. She was motivated by her love for her Daniel and wanted to better herself for the sake of their relationship.

“If I give up, I’m not going to live to grow old with my husband,” Ashley said (via Us Weekly). “You just have to give up on more and more of your life. I don’t give him the experience of a wife.”

As Us Weekly noted, Ashley fully transformed her life, going to a therapist to work on her emotional issues who helped her get over a weight-loss plateau by addressing the lingering demons from her past. Like many on the show, Ashley suffered a troubled upbringing that included abuse, which steered her toward food as a comfort.

“It seemed to work,” the report noted of Ashley’s focus on emotional health. “Ashley claimed that much of her emotional turmoil spiraled out of control after she was sexually abused by an uncle at age 12. Ashley reached a crying breakthrough when her therapist suggested that she equated deprival of food with deprival of love.”

While there is still plenty to go on her journey, Ashley now sounded confident she would continue to find success after so many hurdles.

More weight-loss photos from Ashley Reyes after her time on My 600-LB Life can be seen here.