Sources Confirm Thomas Ravenel Won’t Be Involved In Season 5 ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion, Fans React

Mary Ann Chastain / FileAP Images

Everybody has been buzzing about Thomas Ravenel and his future involvement in the Bravo series Southern Charm amid his issues related to multiple sexual assault allegations against him. There were rumors swirling that he was banned from the Season 5 reunion that is coming up as well as that he was fired from future seasons. Now, confirmation regarding the reunion tidbit has emerged, and fans have plenty to say about these developments.

It seems that the official confirmation about Thomas Ravenel not attending the Southern Charm reunion taping came directly from Bravo’s The Daily Dish. After avoiding any official comment on Ravenel’s future with the series as they investigated the sexual assault claims, they now are ready to go on the record it seems.

A representative says that Ravenel will not be at the upcoming taping, although they do not specifically acknowledge that his absence will be due to the sexual assault allegations. Some insiders have recently claimed that Thomas has been fired entirely from Southern Charm. However, as was previously reported by the Inquisitr, other supposed sources say that no official decision regarding Season 6 has been made yet.

The 55-year-old has been a part of the Southern Charm cast since its debut and a lot of the drama within the series has focused on Ravenel and his difficult relationship with Kathryn Dennis, another cast member who is also the mother to their two children, Kensie and Saint. This season Thomas’ new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs has also been in the mix of things, and people will be curious to see whether she’s at the taping or not.


How are Southern Charm fans reacting to the official news that Ravenel won’t attend the reunion taping? Some note that they want Thomas there to face questions from Andy Cohen and to be pressured to provide answers to all of the rumors. There are numerous posts on Twitter noting that Ashley should have to answer for a few things herself, but it looks like plenty of viewers would be perfectly happy to see her absent from the taping as well.

Granted, it’s highly unlikely that Ravenel could have said anything about these sexual abuse allegations due to the ongoing investigation. In light of the official word from Bravo that Thomas won’t be at the Southern Charm reunion, some speculate that his legal team may have been key in the decision to exclude him.

In general, the fan consensus seems to be that Bravo should ditch Thomas Ravenel entirely when it comes to the Southern Charm cast and many suspect it’s just a matter of time before that officially happens. Stay tuned for additional spoilers as they emerge after taping and hang tight for updates regarding Ravenel’s sexual abuse allegations and the ongoing investigation.