Colin Kaepernick Trademarks Kaepernicking

Kaepernicking Caze Hits Football Fans After 49ers Quarterback's Touchdown Celebration

Colin Kaepernick has quickly become a media sensation after his signature touchdown celebration, “Kaepernicking” went viral online. Now the young star has trademarked the term.

With only a number of starts under his belt, Kaepernick set NFL records for a quarterback in the divisional round win against the Packers. He accounted for four touchdowns, and each time celebrated by kissing his bicep. The pose spread around the meme community and became knows as “Kaepernicking.”

Kaepernick got in on the fun himself and held an online contest to see which fan could send him their best imitation through twitter.

Now Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle has revealed through Twitter that Kaepernick has trademarked the term.

His tweet reads:

“Per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Colin Kaepernick has trademarked the term ‘Kaepernicking.'”

Of course Colin Kaepernick did not start the trend of having celebration poses named and mimicked online. writer Marc Sessler refers to Tim Tebow as the grandaddy of it all. His signature pose is “Tebowing.”

There is also “Bradying,” “Gronking” and “Griffining.”

While it’s great to see Kaepernick having fun he still has one game to play this season. He dominated in both playoff games, but the Super Bowl is a whole new arena. Every year roughly 100 million people tune in to watch.

So far the young quarterback has passed every test thrown his way. He has already beaten Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan.

What do you think? Will there be a lot of “Kaepernicking” during the Super Bowl in two weeks?