WWE News: Superstars Speak Out On Twitter About How They’re Being Used On ‘Raw’


With the overall size of the roster in WWE, it’s quite difficult to give every single superstar equal time and have them on the same playing field. That being said, there are going to be those who end up thrilled at being a part of the company but upset at their roles. A couple of stars from Monday Night Raw have now spoken out on Twitter about how they’re being used by WWE, and these tag teams just want their shots.

Fans have loved watching Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) in comedy skits such as “The Fashion Files,” but the team isn’t content with just doing that. Both superstars were recent guests on the Gorilla Position podcast where they hope the recent switch to Monday Night Raw will change things.

As transcribed by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Tyler Breeze says that they are more than just comedians.

“We’re definitely not content kind of just being the comedy guys. Do we want to keep that? Of course, because that’s why people start liking us in the first place. But I really don’t think you’ve seen all that we can do.”

Fandango went on to say that they are looking to stick around in WWE for a long time and want to have that “body of work” come forth over the years. Breeze believes they can make both comedy and their wrestling ability work together, but he was far from done.

A number of fans responded to his tweet about being held back on Raw and one fan even said that “funny characters don’t get main event status.” Breeze wasn’t going to just let that one go by without any type of response from him.

Breezango is far from the only tag team that is disgruntled on WWE’s main roster right now, but most usually keep their frustrations quiet. It seems that venting appears to be the popular thing right now, though, and another tag team has decided to make their feelings known.

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Scott Dawson of The Revival also hopped on Twitter near the end of this week’s Monday Night Raw to let WWE know he wants more. Breeze wanted him to know his place.

Both Breezango and The Revival were part of a tag team battle royal on this week’s Raw, but neither of them ended up winning. The B-Team (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) won the match and the right to face Bray Wyatt and “Woken” Matt Hardy for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

There is always the chance that these Twitter outbursts by both Tyler Breeze and Scott Dawson could be part of a storyline to get them in a feud against one another. WWE has used social media to build up programs in the past, but it also isn’t surprising if there is some truth to their frustrations. That is especially true for The Revival who have recently had matches in NXT again, but maybe this is WWE’s way of giving more attention to the tag team division.