Kelly Clarkson Grateful Carrie Underwood’s Gift Made Her ‘Feel Really Thin’ Following Weight Loss

Superstar singer Kelly Clarkson has always been pretty open about her struggles with her weight. Sometimes she jokes about it, and sometimes she says that she doesn’t care and refuses to worry about it, and her fans have seen her embrace her size no matter what it is. Recently, however, the singer has looked a little slimmer, and she just sent fellow American Idol winner Carrie Underwood a shout-out for helping her feel great about her progress.

As Entertainment Tonight shares, Kelly Clarkson shared a cute video on social media after getting a fantastic package from Carrie Underwood’s CALIA line of accessories and activewear. CALIA is celebrating its third birthday, and the company made a great call in sending a celebration package to Clarkson.

People have gotten quite accustomed to watching celebrities of all kinds hype products via their social media pages, but this post by Kelly definitely comes off as different. Clarkson tweeted out a thank you to Underwood, noting that she’s just now receiving it because she’d been at Starstruck. It would seem that the Starstruck reference is likely related to Starstruck Entertainment, the recording studio and management entity tied to her husband Brandon Blackstock and his father, Reba McEntire’s ex-husband Narvel Blackstock.

The CALIA package that Kelly received was designed to look like a cake, and Clarkson thought it was adorable. The singer said that she loves all of Underwood’s products, but admitted that her favorite item might be their socks. Clarkson then giggled as she said that their socks and fanny packs are her jam.

The CALIA package was filled with new activewear items for Kelly, but she laughed and said they were all too big on her so she’d find someone else who could appreciate them. Clarkson said she’s lost a little weight since Carrie’s package was sen,t and Underwood’s gift was especially perfect because it made her feel thin. Fans of Clarkson love to see her referencing and interacting with Underwood and many urged the two to work on a duet together.

As for Clarkson’s recent weight loss, Entertainment Tonight recently shared that Kelly jokes that she owes her glam squad for her slimmed-down look, noting that she “literally hired Harry Potter and SPANX, it’s all like a sausage.” Of course, the singer’s fans know that her fabulous look of late is due to a lot of hard work and not just the magic of a glam squad, and they’re glad to see her feeling so great about herself.

Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood’s fans stick by them through good times and bad, but they are all thrilled to see both singing superstars doing really well these days. Will the two American Idol winners ever give fans what they’re clamoring for and do a duet with one another?