Sofia Richie Reportedly Demanding Tons Of Attention From Scott Disick Amid Split Rumors

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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have allegedly come up with a plan amid the rumors that they recently ended their relationship and then got back together.

According to a June 5 report by Hollywood Life, Sofia Richie is worried that she’ll look like a fool for breaking up with Scott Disick and them immediately taking him back. Sources tell the outlet that Richie is now calling all the shots in the relationship, and demanding that Disick spend tons of time with her as well as show off major PDA for the paparazzi and on social media.

Insiders reveal that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie did have a huge fight last week, but Sofia doesn’t want people to think she “made a mistake” with Scott. Now she wants their relationship to look stronger than ever and is giving Disick some demands to follow in hopes of appearing like a happy couple.

“Sofia doesn’t want it to look like she made a mistake by staying with Scott, so she has demanded from him to up the PDA and really go all out for their relationship and basically be at her beck and call. She is currently wearing the pants in the relationship and though she may be saying otherwise, she is still mad at him — but if he goes with her requests, she will fully forgive him in no time,” an insider dished.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sofia Richie recently posted a photo of herself and Scott Disick cuddling on a private jet to her Instagram story. Richie captioned the photo “Whole heart,” using the heart emoji instead of writing the word. She later followed that up with a snap of California scenery, revealing that fans shouldn’t believe everything they read on the internet.

Rumors of Scott and Sofia’s split began to circulate late last week after Disick was photographed getting handsy with a mystery woman at Kanye West’s album listening party in Wyoming on Thursday. In the following days it was reported that Sofia had dumped Scott for cheating on her during a recent trip to Miami, and that her father, Lionel Richie, threatened to cut her out of his will if she continued her “toxic” relationship with Disick.

“Sofia and Scott split up. He cheated on her in Miami and she found out and told Lionel. He said he is going to cut her off and write her out of his will if she continues her relationship with Scott as he thinks he’s extremely toxic for her,” an insider told Us Weekly.

However, this week, both Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have denied the breakup rumors, which could all be a part of their alleged plan to look like a happy couple after their recent relationship drama. Fans will likely now be watching the couple closely trying to spot any cracks in their romance.