Lara Trump Gushes Over Husband Eric Trump, Opens Up About Having More Kids And Her Love For Her Family

Alex WongGetty Images

Eric and Lara Trump have been a couple for years now, and they welcomed their first child a matter of months ago. The trio is not living in Washington, D.C., and thus in the public eye quite as much as Eric’s sister Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, but they are still very supportive of his father’s presidential efforts. Eric and Lara were just profiled for Westchester Magazine, and they shared some great tidbits about their commitment to one another and their love for family.

Lara Trump officially became a member of the family when she wed Eric in 2014 after a decade-long courtship. The profile shares that the couple frequently traded compliments about one another and held hands often during the chat for the profile, while adding gentle ribbing at times as well. They are said to have been incredibly warm and friendly throughout the interview and open to sharing insight on what their life is like now that the family is so prominent due to being connected to President Donald Trump.

The Trump family welcomed son Eric Luke Trump last September and Us Magazine noted that baby Luke’s christening was a big event in Washington, D.C. Eric’s extended family was on hand along with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen, and visitors had some great opportunities to tour the White House while attending the christening. During their Westchester profile, Lara noted that she always knew that Eric would be a great dad, and she’s said that Luke is a happy, smiley baby.

Eric and Lara are in the early stages of building their family, but they are hoping to expand down the road. Lara referenced how they hoped to have “at least” two children, and this prompted Eric to joke about needing a tape of the interview to remind his wife that she was at least momentarily open to having more than two. Trump explained that typically Lara has always been set on just one more child after Luke, and she insisted that she’s not making any promises quite yet about eventually having at least three.

This arm of the Trump family splits their time between their Westchester estate and a home in New York City, maintaining some distance from the intensity of Washington, D.C. Lara admitted that sometimes some of them long for the days when the family wasn’t so high-profile, but they embrace their calm and quiet life at their Briarcliff Manor home as a way to get away from the chaos.

From the looks of things, Eric and Lara Trump have found a nice balance between staying involved in his father’s political efforts while still maintaining some privacy and solitude away from the chaos of Washington, D.C. How soon will Lara Trump and her husband Eric be having additional children and how many will they have? It sounds as if that tidbit remains negotiable and supporters will be anxious to see when they are ready to give Luke a sibling or two.