Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Set Up For Six Months Of Duchess Lessons From The Queen’s Top Aide

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Have you ever wondered how people like Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and Camilla Parker Bowles make the change from their lives as private citizens to life as a royal whose every move is scrutinized? How do they know all the rules, all the do’s and don’ts? Well, it turns out, for Duchess Meghan at least, that there are classes for just that purpose. The new royal is probably at this moment sitting through six weeks of classes on how to be a royal, and the classes are conducted by Queen Elizabeth’s top aide, 49-year-old Samantha Cohen. Perez Hilton reports that Ms. Cohen has left her usual abode at Buckingham Palace and has moved into Harry and Meghan’s Kensington Palace home so she can work closely with the newest member of the royal family. An inside source described the arrangement like this.

“It will be six months of listening. She is seeking out advice from a range of people. She is going to proceed with humility. It is not going to be quiet, though. It is going to be a very busy office. She has worked every day of her life. She is used to a demanding schedule.”

It sounds like Meghan will be learning from the best as Ms. Cohen has been part of the royal household for almost 20 years and protects the royal family so fiercely that they call her “The Panther.” Her commitment to the royal family is legendary as is her rise through the ranks in their household where she started out as in the Buckingham Palace press office in 2001 according to The Sun. She was the first woman to run the royal media office after many years of it being run by a man. After that, she assumed the position of press secretary for the royals in 2003.

Following the resignation of the Queen’s private secretary of 15 years last July, Ms. Cohen had turned in her resignation in September with the intent of leaving this summer. She agreed, however, to stay on to serve this important role in assisting Meghan Markle transition into her new role as Duchess of Sussex. Samantha and Duchess Meghan were a bit acquainted even before the recent royal wedding as Ms. Cohen was responsible for preparing the new royal for her first outing as the wife of Prince Harry – Prince Charles’s 70th birthday. Reports indicate that Meghan plans to spend the remainder of the year meeting with a variety of charitable organizations.