‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Needs Time, Sam Asks For Help, And Valentin’s Presence Raises Eyebrows

Danny MoloshokInvision for the Television Academy/AP Images

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will have a lot for viewers to take in according to the latest spoilers. Dr. Obrecht has Peter stashed away and Nina’s now looped in, and Carly and her loved ones are desperate to find a positive resolution to the legal trouble she’s in thanks to Nelle. Drew is anxious to move forward with the procedure with Andre and both Sam and Jason are scrambling to get answers on multiple fronts. What’s on the way with the June 5 show?

Previews for Tuesday’s show detail that Sam will be at her mother’s house and soon Valentin shows up. Sam has plenty of disdain for Valentin and General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll ask Alexis to please tell her that he’s not the one who’s going to help her. Sam really won’t want Valentin to be anywhere near Alexis, but he’s fairly determined to stay connected to her as extended family regardless.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Sam will be asking someone for help and this may well be in relation to her quest to find Peter. As she digs around she’ll come upon an interesting clue of sorts and she’ll be coordinating efforts with Curtis to track down the missing man.

While Sam is primarily focused on finding Peter, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason will be determined to help Carly. Jason has almost always been fiercely loyal to Carly and he is certain that Nelle has manipulated the current situation to cause trouble for her nemesis. Jason is adamant that he’ll find proof that exonerates Carly, but it looks like he’ll be telling Sonny that he needs to have more time.

Executive Producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Carly’s at the end of her rope at this point. She may feel like giving up as it’s hard for her to see a way out of this mess. However, Jason isn’t giving up on her and General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll stay committed to getting her back home again even though he’ll have some doubts and reservations to navigate along the way. It is known that there are twists and turns ahead yet with this case, as the new DA Margaux, played by Elizabeth Hendrickson, will be in Port Charles regularly now.

Can Jason save Carly from time behind bars or an institution? Will Sam and Curtis find Peter before anyone else does, and what will this mean for Obrecht? Can Valentin patch up the relationships he’s destroyed by helping Peter? General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will be getting wild as these storylines play out and viewers will want to be sure to tune in to see who comes out on top.