Car That Runs On Air To Hit The Road In 2016, Says French Company

Dan Evon

A car that runs on air could soon be hitting the road.

French manufacturer Peugeot Citroen believes that it will be putting an air-powered car on the road by 2016.

According to ANI, the car Peugeot Citroen is working on would actually run on air and gas. The company said that the car will be able to hit 43 mph using air power and could slash fuel bills by as much as 80%. The company hopes to achieve a car that can go 117 mpg by 2020.

According to the Daily Mail, the car would use a normal combustion engine coupled with compressed air cylinders and a customized gear box. In addition to the added fuel economy, the green vehicle will also be able to ditch the expensive batteries used in common electric cars. Peugeot predicts that a car that runs on air could be sold for more than $1000 cheaper than an electric vehicle.

A car that runs on air may sound a little strange but Peugeot is completely serious about its Hybrid Air Engine.

A spokesman said:

"We are not talking about weird and wacky machines. These are going to be in everyday cars."

The company unveiled a prototype of the vehicle earlier this week and plans to have the air-powered car hitting the road by 2016.

What do you think of a car that runs on air? Do you think they will be popular?