‘General Hospital’ Star Nancy Lee Grahn Gets Vocal About California Primaries, Rallies For Newsom In Key Vote

General Hospital actress Nancy Lee Grahn has always been rather outspoken on social media, and it has even landed her in hot water at times. That hasn’t stopped her from sharing her opinions and speaking up for what she believes is right, though, and this is especially the case when it comes to the current political landscape. Tuesday is a big day for California voters with a key primary taking place, and the GH star is doing her best to get people fired up and out to vote.

California has a number of high-profile races going on this year, and their “jungle primary” structure can make things complicated at times. As Five Thirty Eight points out, a jungle primary can lead to unintended consequences in a year like this where passion from the Democratic side yields a number of high-quality candidates, but the primary results propel the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, to the general election.

Nancy Lee Grahn frequently tweets about politics, and she doesn’t mince words. Her pinned post on Twitter is one quite critical of President Donald Trump, and her profile jokes that her greatest achievement is being blocked by actor Scott Baio, a proud Trump supporter.

On Monday, the General Hospital star urged everyone in California to get out to vote in Tuesday’s primary. In her tweet, Grahn said that she was including all of her GH co-workers in this plea, saying that anybody who did not make the effort to vote should stay away from her. Nancy said this includes her fellow cast members, and she added that she’d make their lives “a living hell” if they didn’t vote, additionally pointing out that they all knew she could and would.

Of course, Grahn’s liberal viewpoints are common knowledge to all of her General Hospital co-stars, and it’s highly unlikely that any of them would be particularly offended by her tweet. Most of Nancy’s followers are quite familiar with her views on these political topics, so the majority of those who commented on her post urging people to vote seemed to support her views.


Tuesday morning, Grahn shared a tweet from candidate Gavin Newsom, and the General Hospital star noted that his post was one of the many reasons she was proudly voting for him. Newsom is aiming to become the next governor of California, and he is heavily favored to advance to the runoff. The main question seems to be regarding who will be running against him.

Regardless of how Tuesday’s primary in California turns out, General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn is surely going to continue to tweet and share her opinions. She doesn’t hold back and despite that leading to some sticky situations in the past, she has made it clear that she plans to keep speaking out about what she believes in and feels passionate about, even if it sometimes costs her followers on social media.