Johnny Depp Suffering Mid-Life Crisis Over His Quickly Diminishing Good Looks, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Vianney Le Caer/InvisionAP Images

Johnny Depp is engulfed in a mid-life crisis over his aging and diminishing good looks, a new report claims.

Over the weekend, Depp earned some unwanted attention after some viral pictures showed him looking pale and gaunt while meeting with fans in Russia. Depp has been touring with his band, the Hollywood Vampires, and reports claimed that the grueling schedule has left him tired. Now, Hollywood Life reports that Depp is not having an easy time dealing with the effects of aging.

The report claimed that Depp’s upcoming birthday has gotten him feeling down about his looks.

“Johnny’s 55th birthday is this Saturday [June 9] and, like most of us, he doesn’t like getting older,” a source told the celebrity gossip site. “He is accustomed to being adored and has been named Sexiest Man Alive twice, so he likes doing the rockstar thing and living the life he’s always led because he doesn’t feel 55 or want to be 55.”

Others close to the actor have raised concerns about his fast-paced lifestyle, worrying that he was burning the candle at both ends. They added that without a significant other to keep him in check, Depp tends to drift into a destructive lifestyle.

“Johnny’s under a lot of stress and he’s partying hard,” the source had previously told Hollywood Life. “When Johnny’s single he doesn’t have anyone to rein him in, and he can get pretty wild when left to his own devices. It doesn’t help that he’s touring right now. When Johnny is playing with the band he likes to really immerse himself in the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, and that can really do a number on his health and wellbeing.”

Depp has also been suffering some financial problems in recent months, filing a lawsuit last year that his management company owed him tens of millions of dollars. The company responded by noting that Depp has been blowing through his fortune, even spending $3 million to blast the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson out of a cannon.

Last month, former bodyguards sued Depp for what they claimed was back pay, noting that their role became something of a babysitter to the actor. At one point, the bodyguards had to prevent members of the public from seeing Depp with an “illegal substance” on his face during a bender at a nightclub, court records showed.

But other fans have defended Johnny Depp, saying that his recent difference in appearance is more the result of the actor shaving his head and facial hair.