June 5, 2018
Amy Duggar Opens Up About 'Marriage Boot Camp' Divorce Scare

Amy Duggar has acknowledged that she once thought she and husband Dillon King were headed for divorce. Her parents divorced in 2015, the same year that she and Dillon got married. Their wedding included about 400 guests including her famous extended family - Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their children. Amy shared lots of photos of their wedding on Instagram, and the couple looked so in love and full of joy. She shared that it wasn't long, however, before trouble began. Whenever she and Dillon argued, Amy says she feared they were going to split. Thankfully, they didn't and now about to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

Amy shared that the arguments between her and Dillon happened mostly in the early days of their marriage. She referred to the "rough patches" they experienced as they learned to communicate with each other, according to Radar Online.

"We couldn't communicate. Communication is one of those things where it just takes time to learn each other. We thought we could just do it on our own."
She explained that it took them a while to understand each other or where the other person was coming from when they disagreed on something. They had been married only a few months before rumors of marital problems were circulating. Amy and Dillon shared their marital problems with the world when they appeared on the 2017 season of Marriage Boot Camp. International Business Times reported that the couple's lack of respect for each other was apparent from the moment they arrived. But their love for each other was still there as shown by Amy's description of times they lay in bed holding hands and doing a Bible study. She said that "sometimes I just Thank God for such a good man."
While on the show, Amy told In Touch Weekly that she found the way Dillon spoke to her condescending as if he were talking to a child and not to his wife. There were bumps in the road as Amy and Dillon worked on their communication skills. They tried and failed a few times before they learned to speak to each other in a healthy way. Amy now says she's glad they did because it helped them zero in on their problems and fix them. It got them to the better place they are now. The former reality-TV star said that they're the best they've ever been now and are looking forward to a 2018 full of adventure.