‘Bachelor’ Alum Danielle Maltby Stunned By ‘BB’ Beau Paulie Calafiore Allegedly Cheating With ‘Challenge’ Star

Danielle Maltby didn’t find love on The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, but in recent months she thought she had hit the jackpot and found it with Big Brother veteran Paulie Calafiore. Now, however, she’s reportedly heartbroken and feeling blindsided by buzz detailing that Paulie recently hooked up with Cara Maria Sorbello of MTV’s The Challenge series.

Paulie Calafiore and Danielle Maltby came out as a couple earlier this year, and they have shared plenty of gushy posts about one another on social media. The Big Brother and Bachelor in Paradise pair seemed to be doing well as of their last posts, and it sounds as if Maltby thought so too. Unfortunately, she was thrown a curveball when rumors of Calafiore hooking up with Cara Maria Sorbello hit social media.

Us Weekly details that Calafiore, 29, and Sorbello, 32, were at an event over the weekend that was designed to honor former Challenge star Diem Brown. The day after the event, someone on Twitter tweeted at Cara Maria, calling her out for hooking up with the Big Brother alum. Sorbello retorted with a simple “I’m single yo” reply, but that didn’t quell the buzz that rapidly built across social media.

That exchange on Twitter prompted a long thread of replies, with some noting that Cara Maria is indeed single and if there was a hook-up, it’s Paulie who did Danielle wrong. Many Challenge fans pointed out how Sorbello tore into fellow contestant Tony Raines during a previous challenge when he was cheating with a fellow contestant on his girlfriend, so it seemed inconsistent that she’d then hook up with someone in a relationship with someone else.

From the looks of things, Sorbello didn’t stop with just the one comment. She then reportedly posted some Instagram stories that hinted at the Calafiore hookup. As E! News details, the Challenge star posted a clip where she was heard saying that nobody had to know, and she seemed to be holding hands with someone wearing a pinky ring that matches what the Big Brother star is known to wear.

So far, Danielle hasn’t directly addressed the situation online. However, her rep Lori Krebs has told outlets that Maltby was fully blindsided by this, and she would appreciate privacy as she works through this tremendous hurt. It seems that right now the Bachelor in Paradise star is too devastated to publicly comment.


Maltby was originally on Nick Viall’s Bachelor season and went on to look for love within the franchise again via Bachelor in Paradise. She had previously lost a boyfriend to an overdose, and fans had been rooting for her to find lasting love again. However, many were skeptical that things would last with Big Brother star Calafiore.

Big Brother fans know that Calafiore left his season in a relationship with fellow contestant Zakiyah Everette. The two maintained that they were happily together for a while, but rumors of cheating dogged Paulie and the two eventually went their separate ways.

Can Paulie Calafiore repair his relationship with Danielle Maltby after allegedly hooking up with Challenge star Cara Maria Sorbello? The idea of a romantic Big Brother and Bachelor crossover thrilled a lot of reality television fans, but things have definitely taken an ugly turn with these cheating allegations.