L.A. Lakers News: Isaiah Thomas Wants To Once Again Team With DeMarcus Cousins

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There is still a full month until the 2018 NBA free agency season starts and there have been a lot of rumors flying around. No one really knows where anyone may land or how much they will sign for, but nothing can be made official until July 1, 2018. Players will say things here and there, though, and Isaiah Thomas has now said that whether he returns to the Los Angeles Lakers or not, he’d love to team with Boogie once again.

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the most intriguing NBA offseason stories as he is coming back from an Achilles injury and many wonder if he will be the same player he was before it. The New Orleans Pelicans want to see him return, but they’re not going to overpay for someone who isn’t at 100 percent.

If he doesn’t return to the “Big Easy,” there are a number of teams who have already expressed interest in the big man. While Isaiah Thomas doesn’t really have much say in that, he was more than happy to reveal he’d like to team up with Boogie somewhere in the NBA.

Clutch Points noticed a fan made mention of Cousins and Thomas teaming up together again and bringing back the days of their time together with the Sacramento Kings. Thomas saw the tweet and was ready to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s not out of the question for both players to end up on the same roster once again, but it would take a bit of doing. Thomas is set to be a free agency just as Cousins is, but there is no telling where either one of them could land.

The Lakers have a lot of room to be big movers and spenders in this year’s free agent season and Cousins has been linked to them in a lot of rumors. They are hoping to bring in a number of key players and get out of the slump they’ve been in for a few seasons, but it’s not yet known if a return by Thomas is in their plans.

Boogie? Yeah, they are definitely interested in him, but so are the Dallas Mavericks and a handful of other teams.

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Next month, the wheeling and dealing will begin as the 2018 NBA free agent season officially begins and players end up in new places or with new deals. DeMarcus Cousins is one of the biggest question marks even though it is quite possible he could end up re-signing with the New Orleans Pelicans if all works out. If it were up to L.A. Lakers point guard Isaiah Thomas, though, he’d like to sign wherever his former teammate ends up.