Donald Trump’s Former Doctor, Ronny Jackson, Now Under Investigation By Pentagon

Alex WongGetty Images

Ronny Jackson, former physician of Donald Trump as well as the past two presidents, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, is under investigation by the Pentagon, according to Politico.

Jackson, who was nominated by Trump to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, has been accused of unprofessional conduct. Bruce Anderson, a spokesman for the Defense Department’s inspector general, said the Pentagon’s Inspector General has “initiated an investigation into allegations” against Ronny Jackson, more than a month after he was forced to pull out his nomination to become the secretary of Veterans Affairs. Allegations against him include drinking on the job and handing out sleeping pills without a prescription.

Trump’s decision to nominate Jackson — whom he once called similar to “a Hollywood star” — for the cabinet position surprised a lot of observers with critics arguing that the White House had not carried out the requisite vetting. As CNN reported, even before the allegations against him had come to light, observers were left unconvinced about his actual eligibility for the job, calling out his inexperience to lead something as big as the VA.

Senator Jon Tester pointed to the list of allegations against Jackson, which included crashing a government car after drinking as well as being drunk during work-related foreign travel, during the confirmation process.

Ronny Jackson, despite withdrawing his nomination, has vehemently denied the accusations.

“The allegations against me are completely false and fabricated. If they had any merit, I would not have been selected, promoted and entrusted to serve in such a sensitive and important role as physician to three presidents over the past 12 years.”

Readers will also recall that it was the very same Ronny Jackson who had given Donald Trump an “excellent” bill of health, gushing about the president’s “good genes” and his unbelievable cognitive abilities in January this year.

“He has incredible genes, I just assume,” the doctor had said. “Based on his cardiac assessment, hands down, there is no question he is in the excellent range.”

“It’s just the way God made him. I told the President that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years he might live to be 200 years old.”

This had come after a score of medical professionals, psychiatrists, and psychologists had sent a joint letter to Ronny Jackson, urging him to conduct a detailed neurological check up of the president. Donald Trump, in response to the growing criticism about his mental health, had called himself a “stable genius,” saying he would be “surprised” if the medical check up with Jackson didn’t go well.