‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Not Fired From Show Yet Amid Allegations Of Assault, ‘People’ Reports

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Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is facing allegations of sexual assault and there have been rumors swirling that he has been fired from the reality television show as a result. Multiple women have come forward alleging that he has harmed them, but for now, sources for People say that his status with the Bravo show has not changed.

According to People, Thomas Ravenel has not been fired from Southern Charm. Their source is said to be someone close to Bravo, and they indicate that the network has not yet made any formal decision about Ravenel’s future with the series. The investigation into the alleged assaults is continuing and it sounds as if Bravo may be waiting for that to finish before making any determinations regarding keeping Thomas with the show.

Ravenel, 55, has been the subject of dramatic headlines many previous times over the years, but these allegations of sexual assault could be too much for Bravo to ignore. The initial allegation that gained traction related to an incident that reportedly took place in 2015, after Southern Charm had become a Bravo hit. Now a former nanny is alleging that she’s been assaulted by Thomas as well and that has escalated the situation immensely.

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Ravenel has been a core cast member since Southern Charm began, especially in relation to his ex Kathryn Dennis. Since initially connecting on the show, Thomas and Kathryn have had two children together: Kensie, four, and Saint, two. Things became very ugly between the two and have remained complicated as Dennis faced custody and drug-use issues.

Now, however, it looks like the tables might be turning as Ravenel battles against these assault allegations and Dennis reportedly has worked hard to overcome her addiction issues. According to Radar Online, Kathryn has passed multiple drug tests in recent months and she’s preparing to face Thomas in court on June 8 to address custody of Kensie and Saint.

Will Dennis bring up the sexual assault allegations against Ravenel in court and use the situation to regain custody of Saint and Kensie? Thomas has maintained his innocence, and the court may resist putting any weight on the allegations while the investigation continues.

Southern Charm viewers have been very vocal about this situation and if indeed Thomas stays with the series, it may turn many away from watching future seasons. As some may recall, Ravenel had threatened to leave the show in earlier seasons as things got intense with Dennis, but he kept coming back. While he’s been a core source of drama for the show, the series could surely continue without him.

Will Bravo officially fire Thomas Ravenel soon? Has the decision already been made as has been rumored, and the network is just trying to orchestrate the right timing? It looks like the bulk of Southern Charm fans think that the show has to move forward without Ravenel, but it sounds as if the network is hesitating on pulling the plug on the partnership any sooner than is absolutely necessary. Stay tuned for updates as additional sources emerge and as the investigation into Ravenel’s alleged sexual assaults continues.