Heidi Klum Won’t Be Taking Kim Cattrall’s Place For ‘Sex And The City 3’ [Debunked]

Theo WargoGetty Images for Huffington Post

Just one hour after our report about the upcoming Sex and the City 3 casting went live, a report from Gossip Cop refuted the claims made in the original Radar Online report.

The outlet is exclusively reporting that, despite the claims initially made, Heidi Klum does not want to be featured in the third installment of the hit film franchise based on the hit HBO show series.

Klum isn’t the type to “kiss up” to Sarah Jessica Parker — who played Carrie and is one of the executive producers on Sex and the City 3 — and, according to the outlet, Parker has made it clear that if the original lineup isn’t in place, she has no interest in doing anything further with the Sex and the City franchise.

Klum, however, did have a cameo in an episode of the original HBO series, which is perhaps where the rumors about her “begging” to be in the film originated.

The German supermodel and current Germany’s Next Top Model host told Vogue UK that she had a “great time” in her cameo role, in which she played a character based upon her real-life self.

Klum especially said that she likes the “message” of the scene in which she starred in, which she said implied that “when you fall down, you have to get back up again.”

And though Gossip Cop hasn’t heard back from Heidi Klum’s representatives, they did reach out to a representative for Sarah Jessica Parker, who confirmed that the rumors about their client fielding calls from Heidi Klum about Sex and the City 3 were “not true.”

What is true, however, is that Kim Cattrall has made it clear that she wasn’t interested in another installment of the film, no matter what the offer involved.

Part of the reason Cattrall doesn’t want to do another installment of Sex and the City is because of the dismal performance of the second installment of the film. Another reason, of course, has to do with the fact that Cattrall and Parker don’t get along — and, in fact, have had a very public falling-out recently. Finally, there are the political ambitions of Cynthia Nixon that have to be taken into consideration — even if she doesn’t win in the bid for the New York governorship (and, according to political experts, she isn’t expected to), she still is otherwise tied up at the moment.

In short, there doesn’t seem to be any hope for Sex and the City 3 — at least not in the immediate future.