‘NOLA’ Claims ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ Has Been Canceled

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The local website NOLA is reporting that Southern Charm New Orleans will be a one and done, surprising fans and Bravo watchers. Citing low viewership, Mike Scott of the Times-Picayune says adieu to the third installment in the Southern Charm franchise. Just as Southern Charm Savannah is returning for its second season, Scott believes that Bravo will pull the plug on New Orleans.

“That’s a wrap for Southern Charm New Orleans. Sunday night’s episode of the unscripted Bravo series marked the finale of its first season — and, one has to believe, probably the finale of the series as a whole.”

Scott says that Southern Charm NOLA started off with acceptable ratings, but continued to slip. The show, which aired on Sunday nights at 9 p.m., and the season finale got 640,000 viewers, the lowest of the season.

But Scott is comparing the New Orleans show to the original Southern Charm, which has not dipped under one million this season, but things weren’t always so rosy for the Charleston version of Southern Charm, as the numbers for their first year were not dissimilar to the New Orleans show.

At this time, there is no confirmation of a reunion for the NOLA show.

But Scott says ironically, the New Orleans locals who feared that the show would be an embarrassment to the city were relieved, as the tone and the tenor was not a “pox” on the city or its culture. But as evidence that the show is done, Scott feels that the producers wrapped up almost every storyline with no cliffhangers, or so they thought.

But today Southern Charm New Orleans cast members Reagan and Jeff Charleston, who had a rocky marriage throughout the season announced that they had separated after filming wrapped. During the season, Reagan had moved into an apartment in the French Quarter allegedly to be closer to her law school.

“Jeff and I have decided to separate and are devoting time to re-establishing a great friendship while focusing on personal growth apart. We are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us.”

Despite the low ratings, many fans did connect to Southern Charm New Orleans, even more so than Southern Charm Savannah which is launching its sophomore season.

Bravo was in a similar situation with the first season of Real Housewives of Potomac and Real Housewives of Dallas, and both got a second bite of the proverbial apple.