‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Anna Opens Up, Drew Gets Ready, And Peter’s Kidnapping Shakes Things Up

Richard ShotwellInvision / AP

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 4 detail that the Peter situation will continue to shake things up for people in Port Charles. Someone kidnapped him and Nina is now involved, while Anna is ready to explain his existence to Robin. Drew is anxious to get rid of his Jason memories and Carly’s still desperate for vindication.

Viewers watched on Friday’s show as Nina headed to the place where Peter was being kept and General Hospital spoilers share that when he sees her, he’ll assume she is responsible for his kidnapping. However, the buzz is that someone else orchestrated this, and his or her identity will be revealed quite soon. Fans are buzzing that Obrecht, Valentin, or Curtis seem like the most likely candidates, and the big reveal will come shortly.

Peter left a letter for Maxie before he was taken and SheKnows Soaps says she’ll be moved to tears as she sorts through all of this. Anna will meet with Robin and explain the circumstances around Peter’s existence, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Robin may initially be angry about what she’s learning. Finn is said to do his best to support Anna through this, even though she’s hesitant to let him help.

Drew will be doing what he can to move forward on wiping out his Jason-related memories and hopefully regain his own. Of course, getting the flash drive that Peter had would make a big difference, and General Hospital spoilers from TV Source Magazine suggest that Sam, Drew, and Jason will all be anxious to find Peter.

Julian will be making an apology and trying to smooth things over, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Alexis will be feeling shocked. Ava will be opening up to somebody about something she saw, and it sounds as if Nelle will be thrilled with how things are progressing in her world. Michael is playing the doting father-to-be right now, but fans think he’s shifting his thinking and realizing that Nelle isn’t who she’s pretended to be.

There’s a confrontation between Monica and Alexis on the way, and Sonny will be putting Nelle on notice. Mike will be getting some help during the week of June 4 and General Hospital spoilers detail that Valentin will be doing his best to smooth things over in his relationships. Carly will be given some hope soon, and viewers will see Griffin put on the spot in some way.

How will Nelle finally be busted for her schemes and will Drew’s quest to regain his own memories be successful? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get intense this week, and fans won’t want to miss any of the drama as it escalates.