‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For Tuesday, June 5: Liam Vows To Make Bill Pay

Cliff Lipson / Gilles ToucasCBS

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, June 5 indicate that there is a storm brewing between Liam (Scott Clifton) and Bill (Don Diamont). After giving his father a piece of his mind last week and getting an earful in return, Liam has even more reason to hate him. According to She Knows Soaps, Steffy will tell her baby’s father how she wound up in premature labor. B&B fans will recall that she only told him that she fell and her water broke when she called him to meet her at the hospital. Now, it seems as if Steffy will tell him the full backstory.

BB viewers saw that after Liam lambasted his dad for his twisted plot to get Steffy into his life, Dollar Bill left for Steffy’s. Once again he told her that what he did, he did for their future together. Steffy put him out and told him that if he ever came to her house again, she would call the cops. As she slammed the door behind Bill and turned, she stumbled and fell hard onto the ground. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via Soap Central, note that “Steffy tells Liam that an unwanted visit from Bill was the reason for her fall.”

Liam will be furious that his father did not back off, even after he warned him about how sick he was. At their last confrontation at Spencer Publications, he had told Bill that he was sick and that he was obsessed with Steffy. He even pointed out that he broke up his granddaughter’s parents, but Bill still visited her thereafter anyway. The TV Watercooler states that “Liam will confront Bill after learning his role in Steffy’s pre-mature labor.” On the other hand, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via Highlight Hollywood, teases, “Liam vows to deal with Bill after learning that his father almost cost him the life of his child.”

However, Steffy has known her ex-husband for a long time. She knows exactly how volatile his relationship with dad is and how he may take the news that Bill spurred on her early labor. Therefore, she has enough insight to warn Liam not to explode in front of their newborn, according to other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. This should be a time of jubilation and joy, and she only wants their daughter to feel love. What will Liam do to the man who nearly cost him his child’s life? Tune in to CBS every weekday for a new episode of Bold and the Beautiful. Then check back on Inquisitr for all your latest spoilers, recaps, and soap opera news.