Kim Kardashian Is Being Mocked By Fashion Designers, Insiders For This Reason, ‘The New York Post’ Reports

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Kim Kardashian may have 111 million followers on Instagram, but there are people in the fashion industry who don’t think she’s necessarily a sartorial influencer. According to the New York Post, some designers and fashion insiders are currently making fun of the fact that Mrs. Kardashian West will be given the inaugural Influencer Award at the CFDA Awards.

“I’ve never woken up in the morning and wondered, ‘What is Kim Kardashian doing today, and how is that going to affect my industry?'” said Kelly Cutrone, a popular fashion publicist who has worked with designers like Jeremy Scott.

“It’s ridiculous,” said one source in the industry. “I’m just completely baffled. What is she influencing? People to have a very false sense of beauty and body?”

Another fashion designer said that they believe that Kim is an influencer because of her huge following, but that her followers just buy everything that she hawks whether it be, “clothes or a vacuum cleaner.”

“But I wouldn’t call her a fashion influencer,” they said.

The fashion insider went on to say that Kim doesn’t have a personal style. She has an “evening look” which is sexy, they continued, but she wears “very unremarkable casual clothing.”

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Kim Kardashian was selected for the award by CFDA Board Of Directors. Their reasoning was reportedly based on her long list of fashion and beauty enterprises, which include her clothing, fashion, and fragrance lines. She has also been the face of brands like Calvin Klein, Balmain, and her husband’s Yeezy fashion line. She has also been on the cover of several magazines, like Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. Beyond fashion and beauty, she has also extended her brand to tech with her apps, Kimoji and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

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CFDA board member Tommy Hilfiger called Kim Kardashian the most “important and powerful influencer in the world.” He credited her for increasing the sales and prominence of the brands that she promotes.

While some people in the fashion industry don’t think much of her personal style, you can argue that there are some fashion trends that were started by Kim and her sisters.


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As The List notes, Kardashian popularized bodycon clothing. One stylist pointed out that Kim made a big fashion splash in 2014 when she started wearing skin-tight bodysuits. They have also, according to The List, been responsible for influencing their followers to wear items like neutral clothing, athleisure, and floor-length coats. Their influence on beauty trends may be even more noticeable than their fashion contributions. We can thank the Kardashians for the plethora of contouring and lip accentuation tutorials that we see on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Kim Kardashian will receive the Fashion Influencer Award at the The CFDA Awards on Monday, June, 4.