Apple Watch Series 4: Apple’s 2019 Smartwatch Might Finally Hit The Perfect Spot For Wearable Devices

Justin SullivanGetty Images

The Apple Watch Series 4 is practically around the corner, but expectations are rather tempered about the upcoming wearable device. The smartwatch, after all, has pretty much stayed the same since it was unveiled back in 2015. Last year’s Apple Watch Series 3, for example, could only be distinguished from its predecessors due to a red dot on the device’s iconic crown and a few new materials on its high-end Edition variants. Apart from these, however, the Apple Watch has kept its design elements consistent since Day 1.

This year stands to be more of the same, with rumors stating that Apple would be keeping the frame of the Apple Watch Series 4 identical to the previous model. Sure, the Series 4 would likely have a slightly slimmer frame, but apart from this, the size of the wearable device, as well as its general appearance, would probably be the same as before. This, however, does not mean that the Apple Watch Series 4 would be an underwhelming wearable device. On the contrary, it could be Apple’s most exciting smartwatch yet.

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of the Apple Watch Series 4 would be its compatibility with Apple’s older smartwatches. Well, its accessories at least. According to a Forbes report, the Series 4 would feature accessories that are entirely compatible with the accessories of older models. This means that users who are particularly fond of bands that they purchased for the original Apple Watch, or the Series 2 and 3, for that matter, would have no problem fitting the bands in the Apple Watch Series 4.

This is a particularly notable perk for would-be buyers of the Apple Watch Series 4. Some of Apple’s best Watch bands, after all, do not cost little, such as the Space Black Link Bracelet, which cost a hefty $549, or the popular Milanese loop, which is $149.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the Apple Watch Series 4 would also sport a slightly different display than its predecessors in the way that the bezels of its screen would be significantly reduced. The publication even mentioned the idea of an Apple Watch with an edge-to-edge display, citing a person familiar with the device’s development. If Bloomberg‘s report proves accurate, the Apple Watch Series 4 would likely be the most distinguishable Apple Watch that the Cupertino-based tech giant has released thus far.

An edge-to-edge display such as the one found on the iPhone X, after all, would give the Apple Watch Series 4 far more real estate than the Series 3. With a bigger screen, Apple, as well as developers for WatchOS would be able to flex their creative muscles a little bit more. Messages could be read easier, more information could be displayed at a time, and most of all, more apps could finally be compatible with the upcoming device. With this combination of advantages, Apple could easily broaden its lead in the smartwatch market from competitors such as Samsung and Fitbit even further.

Apple will likely not reveal the Series 4 this upcoming WWDC 2018. Instead, there is a good chance that the Cupertino-based tech giant would unveil its latest wearable when it launches its next-generation iPhones later this year.