Bravo Scraps ‘Imposters,’ But The Show Might Be Shopped To Another Network

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Fans of the Bravo scripted series Imposters were crushed this week when they heard that the network had pulled the plug on what has become a popular show with a stellar cast. At this time, the June 7 episode of Imposters, now in its second season, will serve as not only the season finale, but the series finale.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Imposters has what Bravo calls a “small but loyal fan base,” but even though the show has been a hit on Netflix, Season 2 ratings were seen as waning. But as Bravo is moving away from the scripted drama, Netflix is being considered as a new home for Imposters.

Deadline explains that Imposters is about a grifter and her marks when the tables are turned.

Imposters is a dark comedy that followed Maddie (Inbar Lavi), a grifter who leaves her unwitting victims tormented when they realize they have been used and robbed of everything, including their hearts. But the dynamic changes when her three latest targets — Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young) and Jules (Marianne Rendón) — team up to track her down. Stephen Bishop and Brian Benben co-starred, while Uma Thurman had a recurring role on the show.”

Despite continuously providing excellent scripts with top talent, Imposters slipped in the ratings for its second season, likely due to a lack of marketing support and promotions. Imposters has Adam Brooks and Paul Edelstein serving as executive producers.

Hidden Remote is wondering if now that Bravo is taking a pass on Imposters, will Netflix come to the rescue for a Season 3? Bravo continues to promote the show as a season finale and not a series finale, so could this mean the story continues?

Netflix has been known to step in and save a series or two, and it has successfully provided a home for other Bravo scripted series like Lisa Edelstein’s The Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce. Fans are arguing that Imposters deserves one last season to allow its story to come to a natural end.

Sandy C. from Hidden Remote suggests that the best way to show support right now for Imposters would be to rewatch Season 1 on Netflix and support the cast and production of the show on Twitter and other social media. Even though Netflix passed on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it doesn’t mean that they won’t take a chance on a show which demonstrated so much promise with the age 18-49 demographic.