Melania Trump’s Friends Are Worried, None Have Heard From Her Since Before Surgery, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Kevin Dietsch-PoolGetty Images

Melania Trump has been missing from the public eye for close to a month now, and friends say they haven’t heard from the First Lady since before her sudden surgery last month.

Though Melania has largely stayed out of the spotlight during her husband’s presidency, the current absence that has now stretched for more than three weeks is raising alarms among many. Melania went for a surprise kidney surgery in mid-May and has not been seen publicly since then. Now, friends are telling Hollywood Life that none of them have heard from her since before that surgery.

“Melania’s friends outside of the White house are genuinely starting to worry about her,” a source told the celebrity gossip outlet. “Nobody has heard from Melania over these past few weeks, and her cell phone has been switched off. Whenever any friends enquire as to where she is, or how she is, we’re just told that she’s ‘fine’ and that she’s ‘recovering’ but that really doesn’t make any sense.”

Melania Trump has not been seen by the public since before the surgery, either, and she was absent from a series of outings including a trip to Camp David this weekend. Ivanka Trump has even taken over some of the First Lady duties, as reported by the Inquisitr, like hosting a sports and fitness day this week.

The source added that a tweet this week from Melania’s account has done nothing to ease fears. The tweet claimed that the “media is working overtime,” a phrase that Donald Trump has used frequently (and Melania has never been known to use), leading many to believe that it was not actually written by Melania.

“Nobody believes that Melania wrote that last tweet, everybody thinks that was written by Donald [Trump], because it didn’t read in the way that Melania writes,” the source claimed. “To have radio silence for this long is just strange, something is going on, but nobody knows what, it’s definitely concerning.”

The First Lady’s absence has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories, including one that Melania underwent plastic surgery and is spending time away from the public eye as she recovers. Others believe the First Lady may have moved back to New York, as the location for her Twitter account was set to New York. Some pointed out that this account is an older one no longer used by Melania Trump.

The White House has responded to fears about Melania Trump’s absence by saying that she is hard at work within the White House.