The Tale Of Michael Rotondo, The 30-Year-Old Man Who Refused To Leave His Parents’ Home, Keeps Getting Weirder

Michael Rotondo probably wishes you’d never heard of him. Until a few weeks ago, the 30-year-old man was an anonymous fellow (other news sources are less charitable, calling him a “bum” or a “deadbeat”) living rent-free in his parents’ home, and doing whatever it is he did all day. But then he became the subject of international derision once the story broke that his parents had to go to court to get rid of him.

Since the story first broke, the judge has issued his order and Rotondo has moved out. But that’s hardly the end of it. Now reporters following the guy and digging into his story have found out some more details about the New York man, and the story just keeps getting weirder.

Alex Jones, Of All People, Saves The Day

As reported by the Inquisitr, conspiracy-theorist and conservative talk-show radio host Alex Jones kicked in $3,000 to help Rotondo move out. That’s a pretty generous check – more than enough to cover the cost of temporary accommodations, a moving truck, and the customary first & last month’s rent at a new home.

Why the man who peddles unverifiable conspiracy theories and health supplements of questionable benefit would come to the aid of Rotondo is anybody’s guess – but hey, any port in a storm, as the old saying goes.

About That Money…

If anyone was going to give Michael Rotondo a generous amount of money, Michael’s ex-wife would like to have known about it. The mother of Rotondo’s son says that she’s owed “thousands” in back child support, according to Yahoo News.

According to court documents, the unnamed woman claims that Rotondo failed to cough up even the paltry $25 per month that he was ordered to pay, despite his apparently being able to pay the car insurance on two broken-down junkers that littered his parents’ driveway.

Calling The Cops On His Dad Over Legos

When Rotondo moved out late last week, he apparently couldn’t let go without one last salvo at his parents. As Fox News reported at the time, Rotondo called the cops because his 8-year-old son’s Legos were in the house and his (Michael’s) father wouldn’t let him look for them. Eventually, all was made right, but still.

What’s In Michael Rotondo’s Future?

For now, Rotondo will be staying at an Airbnb for a week or so, and then will move in with a “distant cousin.” Meanwhile, a Twitter user using the name Young Millenial Boomhauer (delivery_boy) offered to crowdfund an effort to rent a house for Michael. Whether YMBdb was being facetious or sincere remains unclear, but a link to a GoFundMe page that was ostensibly set up to raise the money has either been deleted or never existed in the first place.