Antidepressants Are Prescribed Way Too Much: Doc


Antidepressants are being overprescribed by physicians, a Scottish doctor claims.

Dr. Des Spence insists, according to the Glagow Daily Record, that it’s all part of lucrative marketing campaign in that “anti-depressants have become the ‘golden goose’ for drug companies, with links between the big firms and doctors creating a ‘drug mindset’ over how to treat mental illness.”

Dr. Spence, a general practitioner in Glasgow, acknowledges that depression is real but that doctors are way too quick to prescribe drugs to address the condition. According to his article in the British Medical Journal, antidepressant prescriptions in the UK increased by 9.6 percent in 2011, totaling 46 million prescriptions.

Web Pro News reports that Dr. Spence had this to say about the overuse of antidepressants:

“We use antidepressants too easily, for too long, and that they are effective for few people (if at all) …

“But even if we accept that antidepressants are effective, a Cochrane review suggests that only one in seven people actually benefits. Thus millions of people are enduring at least six months of ineffective treatment.”

Dr. Spence added that medical professionals are jumping the gun when patients report mood swings, according to Medscape:

“Dr. Spence notes that guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence do not support the use of antidepressants for mild depression or necessarily for moderate depression, favoring instead psychological talk-based therapies.”

A recent study suggested that taking antidepressants during pregnancy could pose serious health risks to both mother and child. Moreover, there are some indications that perpetrators of these horrible mass shootings are on medications prescribed by psychiatrists.

Do you think that doctors are handing out antidepressant prescriptions like Halloween candy or are they used as a legitimate and effective health protocol?