June 3, 2018
Perrie Edwards Goes Topless, Proudly Shows Off Her Stomach Scar And Freckles

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards is a little mermaid, but she has something that Disney's Ariel does not: a stunning smattering of freckles on her flawless face.

Perrie Edwards, 24, usually hides her natural complexion underneath concealer and foundation, so some of her fans were surprised to learn that she has freckles. As reported by Women's Health, the British beauty recently took to Instagram to share an inspirational message about how she loves the unique spots and scars on her body that some people might consider flaws.

"Mermaids have freckles and scars too... embrace them. I think they're beaut!" Edwards wrote.

Perrie's words likely carried a lot of weight with her followers because they know that she's a massive makeup fan who usually looks flawless and airbrushed in her social media photos. By letting the young girls who look up to her know that she doesn't wear as much makeup as she does because she's ashamed of her freckles, she may be helping some of them feel more confident about showing off their own bare skin.

Perrie Edwards is topless in the snapshot that she shared with her admirers. However, she has her chest covered up with her hair. The long, beachy waves go past her belly button. She's also creating her own mermaid bra by holding up two large starfish in front of her chest.

The singer is protecting her freckled face from the sun by wearing a large floppy hat. She doesn't appear to have a stitch of makeup on, and she's also making no attempt to hide the long, thin scar that extends from the top of her belly button to the bottom her sternum.

"I hate freckles but now I'm changing my mind," wrote one fan in response to Perrie's post.

"Thank you so much for doing this. My six year old daughter has had open heart surgery and so has a big scar down the centre of her chest," read another remark. "Pictures like this help to show her that she should be proud of it, and not hide it away. Thank you, thank you."

A few of Perrie Edwards' followers also expressed curiosity about her stomach scar.

According to OK! Magazine, the scar on Perrie Edwards' stomach has been there since she was a young child. The singer had an esophagus that was too small, which made it difficult for her to eat. She used to hate the scar because it was a reminder of the numerous surgeries that she had to undergo to remedy the problem, and she even described it as her least favorite part of her body.Perrie Edwards has clearly changed her mind about the mark. Perhaps it helps that she now associates it with beautiful mythological creatures with scales instead of hospitals and scalpels.