Jessica Simpson Sues ‘Con Men’ For A $12 Million Scheme Connected To Her Father, Per ‘Radar Online’

Theo WargoNBC/Getty Images for "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Celebrities are no more — or less — susceptible to being victims of cons than the rest of us, but Jessica Simpson has proven that she’s unafraid to take things to the next level, as she’s announced that she’s suing “two professional con men” for a $12 million scheme.

According to Radar Online, Jessica Simpson is suing Jeffrey Bowler and Bret Saxon, whom she alleges “wormed their way” into her life by befriending her father, and former manager, Joe Simpson.

Bowler and Saxon claim that they own a majority stake in her Jessica Simpson brand of clothing, shoes, and other women’s sundries, a claim which Simpson denies.

Simpson is suing the men through her holding company, With You, Inc.

The men claim they are owed more than $12 million from their majority stake in the brand.

Here’s the sequence of events, as they happened: in 2010, Bowler and Saxon met Joe Simpson at a party in Beverly Hills.

Over the years, they developed a cordial acquaintanceship with Joe Simpson, but Jessica claims that the men befriended him because “they saw him as an easy target” in their fraud scheme.

In 2014, Jessica Simpson spoke to a company called Sequential Holdings about purchasing her brand. It was at that time that Bowler and Saxon found out about the potential sale, and tried to “insert themselves” into the discussions and begin their fraud scheme.

Bowler and Saxon then contacted Joe Simpson and asked to be put in touch with Jessica’s business manager, David Levin.

Levin then spoke to Bowler and Saxon, and told them that they would be put in touch with a business executive at Sequential Holdings.

As a result of this conversation, Bowler said that he made a deal with Joe Simpson that promised him a 10 percent finder’s fee if he could find a buyer for Jessica Simpson’s brand.

When Jessica ultimately sold the majority stake in her eponymous brand for $120 million, Bowler claimed that it came as a result of his efforts, but he never got his requisite finder’s fee from the pop star-turned-entrepreneur.

On the other hand, Jessica claims that none of Bowler and Saxon’s claims are true, and she found the buyer on her own.

Jessica Simpson has been battling Bowler and Saxon in court for years, but this is the first time she’s filed a counterclaim of any kind against the duo. Jessica Simpson is seeking “unspecified damages” against the two, and claims that she doesn’t owe them a dime.