Roseanne Barr’s Co-Stars Reportedly Had A Bad Feeling Something Was Going To Go Wrong

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Roseanne Barr’s former co-stars reportedly had a feeling that something may jeopardize their show before the shocking cancellation news dropped earlier this week.

According to a June 1 report by People Magazine, the members of the cast, which includes Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Michael Fishman, John Goodman, and Laurie Metcalf, reportedly feared that Roseanne Barr may do something to cause controversy, and that is exactly what happened.

As fans already know, Roseanne caused an online firestorm when she posted insensitive tweets about former Obama aide, Valerie Jarrett, via her social media account. Barr quickly apologized for the comments, but ABC couldn’t control the damage. The network’s president, Channing Dungey, quickly pulled the plug on the sitcom, which had earned huge ratings.

“Everyone is upset for the cast and the crew, but there was always a feeling that something was going to happen. There was always a heightened awareness with her and we were always on edge about her going off track.”

The cast all loved each other. It was a really happy family on set and everyone was so excited to be working together again after all those years, including Roseanne,” an insider dished.

Don’t be fooled. This is all for #Roseanne.

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After news that Roseanne had been canceled circulated around the nation, Barr returned to Twitter to reveal her thoughts. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the actress claimed that she had “begged” the network not to cancel the show, but was rebuffed.

“I begged Ben Sherwood at ABC to let me apologize and make amends. I begged them not to cancel the show. I told them I was willing to do anything and asked for help in making things right. I’d worked doing publicity for them for free for weeks, traveling, thru bronchitis. I begged for people’s jobs,” Roseanne Barr wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Barr also apologized for her actions yet again, and said she felt awful for costing the cast and crew member their jobs. Recently, there has been some buzz that the show may go on with a new spin-off.

The Inquisitr reports that Sara Gilbert, who played Roseanne’s daughter, Darlene Conner, on the hit show may be the focus of a new series, which would likely see the character of Roseanne killed off. There has been no official word on the status of the spin-off, but many fans are hoping the network can pull it off so that the Conner family can continue to bring the laughs.