Farrah Abraham Denies Cannes Wardrobe Malfunction Was Done Intentionally

Emma McIntyreGetty Images for Tiffany McCall

Former Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham is finally speaking out about her Cannes wardrobe malfunction revealing that she was “totally shocked” when she found out. The 26-year-old sat down recently with People where she broke her silence on what really led to the crazy wardrobe malfunction in Cannes. Abraham has been anything but shy in the past about showing off her body and proudly flaunting it, so when Abraham shockingly flashed her private parts while attending a Cannes Film Festival fashion show on May 14, as the Inquisitr previously reported, many fans thought nothing of it and figured it was done on purpose.

As it turns out though Abraham is revealing the slip was far from intentional and was totally an accident. “That was just some made up press,” Abraham explained after news leaked that the wardrobe malfunction was a planned publicity stunt. “We were in the atrium, and I was so rushed and moving this huge dress and the slit just moved over,” she explains of how her floor-length silk gown revealed that she went commando that night.

“And to be honest with you, nobody told me that that had happened. I was literally shocked when they were like, ‘Your crotch was out.’ I said to my friends, I was like, ‘Did you guys see this? Why did you not tell me about this?'”

Despite having her lady parts exposed for the entire world to see, Abraham maintained her cool and wasn’t the least bit shaken when the news broke. “I was just happy it didn’t affect my friends or I,” she says of the aftermath. “I just really loved all the fashion there.”

Aside from attending the festival and taking in all the fashion, Abraham said that she had other things on her mind while in France. “I went there to figure out financing for my film that I’m working on for this screenplay on my memoir,” Abraham revealed.

Abraham, who got her start on Teen Mom, has become notorious for being one of the most controversial of Teen Moms in the show’s history. This past season, after producers of the show, got wind of Abraham’s other streams of income, they felt that her other projects and personal image weren’t a good fit for the show’s brand, forcing her to choose between the two. That combined with Abraham’s problematic behavior on set with the show’s staff and producers, Abraham was ultimately given her walking papers, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Since then, Abraham has been focused on projects including turning her memoir My Teenage Dream Ended into a film.