Thomas Ravenel Of ‘Southern Charm’ Is Out Of Bravo

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Gone are the blind items suggesting that Thomas Ravenel’s time is up on Bravo, on Southern Charm, and with Haymaker, because it is now being reported that Ravenel is out of the popular series which is focused on the lives of Charleston socialites. TamaraTattles is reporting that after the current season is through. It is unclear at this time if Ravenel will be allowed to participate in the reunion shows.

Tamara reports that Bravo doesn’t plan to make an official statement until the reunion show airs at the end of June, but the reunion itself will be shot soon in New York.

“That will be the first time anyone will be allowed to speak publicly on the subject. It sounds to me like Thomas will decide if he wants to be on the reunion or not. Thomas’ lawyers may have the last word on that.”

FitsNews has reported that Bravo has been in a panic about what to do with Thomas Ravenel. The former politician once again is finding himself under investigation by the Charleston Police as he has been accused of rape by the family’s former nanny, Dawn, and is alleged to have paid another woman $200k after she claims that he sexually assaulted her on a Tinder date.

The rumor that Ravenel had already been fired had been making the rounds for weeks, but now word has trickled down that it has actually happened. Bravo was said to be feeling pressure as a result of the #MeToo movement (and other situations involving its parent company, NBC Universal) to dispense with the Ravenel matter quickly.

Perhaps the final straw for Ravenel came when a Los Angeles-based lawyer, Luzanne Otte, came forward to say that Ravenel and his current girlfriend had been harassing and cyber-stalking her after she broke off a short-term relationship with the former politician, says FitsNews. Otte reports that things got so bad online with fake social media accounts and blog posts that she was forced to hire a lawyer of her own and start with cease and desist letters to Ravenel, his girlfriend, and a gossip site called All About The Tea.

Luzanne says that Ravenel and his girlfriend recruited others online to harass her at work and at her home.

“Prior to meeting Thomas, I had not been exposed to the abject hatred of strangers. The wounds inflicted during this tribulation would not be healed without the foil of an overwhelming amount of kindness from strangers. Dark times have a way of revealing the best of humanity.”

Otte remains friendly with much of the cast and has even met and liked Ravenel’s ex, Kathryn Dennis.