Ashanti Posts Series Of Sizzling Bikini Photos As She Prepares To Drop Her New Album

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Ashanti is showing that her best days are not behind her, with the R&B singer posting a series of sizzling bikini photos as she prepares to release her latest album.

Though the Grammy-winning singer’s biggest hits may have come more than a decade ago, she has maintained a huge following both for her music and her Instagram page. This week, her roughly 3 million followers were treated to a series of photos showing the singer rocking a tiny red bikini while posing on a rooftop in Malta. Fans seemed to love the photos, which gained attention across the celebrity news landscape as well.

While this may not have been her intention, Ashanti’s bikini photos also helped draw new interest to her new album. Ashanti shared that the music she’s soon to be releasing will be globally inspired, and has collaborations with Swae Lee, Jay Rock, and a number of others.

“I’m just so excited, I’m so inspired,” she told OK! Magazine. “There’s a lot of pressure and I’m kind of a perfectionist so I like things perfect.”

The singer said she could also be releasing another album that she had recorded with her favorite collaborator, Ja Rule, saying that even though it had initially been recorded years ago, the album would be a great fit for today.

Ashanti shared that her own new album is inspired by her real life experiences, noting that some people may have their feelings hurt due to her brutal honesty.

Standing on top of the city of Malta...

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Sun kissed

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Ashanti has been open about her journey through the recording industry, including the new demands on artists to produce more content to feed the ever-growing streaming music industry. In an interview on CNBC, Ashanti said the entire industry moves as a much faster pace now.

“You have to continue to put out new records. It’s way faster pace now. You can’t really wait because there are so many other artists dropping different things, the consumer will get bored,” she said in the appearance on Power Lunch.

Ashanti shared that many of the streaming services — including Apple, Pandora, and Spotify — don’t give a great return to artists, CNBC reported. But she added that Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming music service, does pay a bit better than the rest.

Ashanti said her new album will be coming out soon, but didn’t give an exact date. In the meantime, fans can find more of her hot bikini pictures on her Instagram page.