UberEats Is Growing By 200 Percent, According To Uber CEO

The ride sharing company has expanded and is seeing major growth.

UberEats is winning cutomers
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The ride sharing company has expanded and is seeing major growth.

Fans of UberEats have been gobbling up purchases with gusto, according to CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who noted that the food delivery company is growing by 200 percent. The CEO claimed that the company has a $6 billion booking run rate, making it one of the largest food delivery companies in the world, and is on track to continue its rapid growth spree.

At a recent appearance at Code Conference, one of the year’s largest media and tech gatherings, Khosrowshahi noted that, “Eats is an exploding business in a good way,” according to Recode.

“It’s now at a $6 billion bookings run rate, growing over 200 percent,” the CEO went on to tout.

Khosrowshahi noted that UberEats was still significantly smaller than the more famous Uber, which markets itself in 350 more cities than UberEats does. Reporting by Recode indicates that UberEats is easily the nation’s fastest-growing food delivery service, vastly outperforming even established industry giants, like GrubHub, in growth rates.

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This is all without acquisitions, either; UberEats has claimed that it has no intention of acquiring competitors in order to make itself more attractive in its industry. Uber senior VP of business Emil Michael reportedly said that he “[didn’t] see how acquisitions add in that area right now,” when asked if going after competitors could help the company’s growth rate even more, per Fortune.

Uber has never had its eyes set only on the transportation of passengers; besides UberEats, the company also intends to take on more delivery services in the future. Khosrowshahi noted at the conference that he wanted Uber to one day evolve into the “Amazon for transportation.”

The good news for UberEats comes amidst some negative press coverage surrounding Uber itself, which is under siege after it became apparent that the company was likely partly responsible for a crash of an autonomous vehicle that led to one death. According to The Information, a bug in Uber’s software led to the crash, which claimed the life of pedestrian Elaine Herzberg. The ride sharing company is one of many tech companies racing in Silicon Valley to come up with the best autonomous vehicle transit service, though no one company has yet to seriously lead the market.

Uber reportedly has 40 million active monthly riders, and continues to grow in popularity despite competition from other services like Lyft.