November 14, 2017
Paris Terrorist Attacks: Soccer Fans Defiantly Sing French National Anthem After Tragedy Leaves Over 120 Dead [Video]

A video of French soccer fans leaving the Stade de France singing the national anthem defiantly in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks that has resulted in the death of over 120 people has emerged.

The soccer fans were being evacuated from the stadium after explosions outside the Stade de France resulted in the deaths of at least three people. However, that number is expected to rise. The supporters had been at the Stade de France to watch France take on Germany in an International friendly match.

During the game, several explosions were heard outside the stadium. However, the game was allowed to proceed as police officials looked to make sure that the area outside the stadium was secure.

After the match, fans were forced to stay inside the Stade de France and were later evacuating the ground when they spontaneously broke out into the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise".

French President Francois Hollande was at the Stade de France to watch the match between France and Germany on Friday night. However, when news of the terrorist attack filtered through, Hollande was immediately taken to safety.

At around the 15-minute mark of the France vs Germany game, which the hosts won 2-0 thanks to goals from Olivier Giroud and Andre-Pierre Gignac, an explosion could clearly be heard outside the stadium.

According to the BBC, three people were killed in the explosion outside Stade de France, which some reports have suggested was the result of a suicide bomber.

Speaking after the game, Joachim Low, who is Germany's coach, insisted that all of their thoughts had now turned to those caught up in these terrorist attacks.

"We are all in shock," Low explained. "The game and the goals move into the background on a day like this. All of us on the bench were a bit scared."

[Image via Getty/Thierry Chesnot]Earlier in the day, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the German national side were forced to evacuate their lavish hotel in Paris after a bomb scare.

The French Football Federation's president Noel Le Great also released a statement, via the Daily Mail, that expressed their grief over the incident.

"The French Football Federation shares the emotion that shakes the notion following the tragic events of Friday in Paris and around the Stade de France," Le Great explained. Because of these attacks, Le Great admitted that there will now be concerns about the safety of fans at Euro 2016, which will be held in France. Le Great admitted to L'Equipe, "For the Euro, there was already a big worry. Today it's obviously even stronger"

After the completion of the match, with fans unable to leave the Stade de France, they were allowed onto the pitch as news of the tragic events started to emerge. French supporters clearly looked in shock and distressed while they stood on the turf.

[Image via Getty/Adam Pretty]As well as the explosion near the Stade de France, which is located in St Denis, just north of Paris, there were five other sites where terrorists are believed to have struck. This included the Bataclan concert venue in central Paris, where it's been reported by the BBC that at least 100 people are believed to have died.

Gun attacks in Le Carillon, Le Petit Cambodge, and La Belle Equipe have also been confirmed, where there have also been reports of gunfire in at least one other site in the French capital.

[Image via Getty/Matthias Hangst]