Britney Spears Rocks A Bathrobe And Worries Fans By Recreating ‘Pretty Woman’ Scene

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Britney Spears recently freaked her fans out by doing something dangerous to recreate an iconic movie scene. The “Pretty Girls” singer was simply paying homage to the movie Pretty Woman, but some of her Instagram followers feared that her actions could have resulted in her being seriously injured or even killed.

On Friday afternoon, Britney Spears took to Instagram to share a silly video with her fans. The 36-year-old singer is perched on the edge of a second story window in the short clip, which appears to have been filmed in the morning; Britney has a cup of coffee sitting beside her, and she’s still wearing her bathrobe. However, she already has on a full face of makeup.

“Edward, look. No hands! No hands!” she says as she lets go of the edge of the window.

Britney then proceeds to lean back out the window, waving her arms around like she’s about to fall. After she’s finished giving her Instagram followers a fright, the camera pans down to give viewers an idea of just how high up Britney was when she performed her movie-inspired stunt.

“Get off that thing. How dare you scaring me like this???” wrote one concerned commenter in response to her video.

“I just peed myself with fear for you!” another remarked.

However, Britney Spears didn’t seem to believe that she was in any danger.

“Don’t you just love Pretty Woman!!” she captioned the video.

Don’t you just love Pretty Woman!! ????????????????????????

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In the Pretty Woman scene that Britney Spears decided to act out, Julia Roberts’ character Vivian is sitting on the railing of a balcony. Richard Gere’s character Edward tells her to get down because she’s making him nervous, but she responds by leaning back and asking him if he would rescue her if she fell. When he continues begging her to get down, she lets of go of the railing and delivers the “No hands! No hands!” line.

Britney Spears has something in common with Pretty Woman besides her fearlessness when it comes to where she sits and her love of short dresses with cutouts; the popular 1990 classic and the beloved pop star are both coming to Broadway.

✨@glaad awards tonight ✨ #GLAADawards

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According to the New York City Theatre website, Pretty Woman: The Musical will begin its Broadway run on July 20. The modern-day Cinderella story is getting a bit of a makeover, with actress Samantha Barks’ Vivian being described as “a stronger, and a more independent heroine for the 21st century.” Andy Karl will star as the wealthy businessman who falls for the hooker with a heart of gold.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Broadway musical featuring the music of Britney Spears is currently in the works. It won’t be autobiographical and has instead been described as a jukebox musical with a fictional story. The style will be somewhat similar to that of Mamma Mia!, the popular play featuring ABBA music.

There’s no word on whether Britney Spears will make a cameo in her Broadway show, but after seeing her show off her acting skills on Instagram, it’s clear that not asking her to do so would be a big mistake. Huge.