Justin Bieber: Sex Act With Nursing Student Allegations

justin bieber nursing student

Justin Bieber’s alleged fling with a nursing student was supposedly the reason for the most recent Selena Gomez split. The teeny bopper singing star is accused of having a wild night with a 22-year-old student in Los Angeles. Bieber and Gomez had dated for two years.

A Star magazine source claims Justin Bieber and Lil twist partied with nursing student Milyn “Mimi” Jenson. The singer and the rapper allegedly spent time with the nursing student at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, Radar Online notes.

The source had this to say about Justin Bieber and a nursing student:

“They all went to buy weed at a smoke shop on Olympic Boulevard. in Hollywood. Then they got food at McDonald’s and went back to the hotel.”

Once Justin Bieber and his pals allegedly arrived back at the lavish Los Angeles hotel, the party supposedly cranked into high gear. The source also maintains that the trio smoked pot and drank a “chemical concoction” called “sizzurp.” At some point Bieber, Lil Twist, and the nursing student supposedly went back to the star’s mansion, The Hollywood Reporter notes.

The “Baby” singer supposedly opened up about enjoying Xanax and his fondness for tattoos. Selena Gomez’s former significant other also allegedly talked about plans to build a hookah room inside his mansion.

The insider also claims that Justin Bieber got romantic with the nursing student before the group drove back to the Four Seasons. The source also had this to say about Justin Bieber and Mimi Jenson supposedly engaging in a sex act:

“Justin surprised her by saying, ‘I want to know if you taste good.’ He started kissing her cheek and ear and neck and then her whole body. He seemed out of it.”

The teen star reportedly stayed clothed while performing the alleged sex act on the college girl. When reporters contacted Mimi Jenson, she did not comment about the alleged sexual activity with Bieber. The nursing student did state that she thought Justin was single and note he behaved as if he was.”