‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Reveals Her Skincare, Beauty, And Workout Secrets

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Lala Kent is spilling her secrets. The Vanderpump Rules beauty, who launched her Give Them Lala makeup line last year, is revealing her list of go-to skin care products as well as her favorite workout routines.

Ever since she made her debut in the fourth season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala has been a beauty inspiration to fans of the Bravo reality show. Lala has mastered the cat eyeliner look and she knows her way around a highlighter palette. Now, in a new interview with Athleisure, Lala goes behind the makeup to talk about how she takes care of her skin. In addition, she dishes on her workout routine.

Lala told Athleisure there are four products she uses to prep her skin.

“My Clarisonic, Lancer Skin Care Polish, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizer, and let’s add one more… I die for Desert Essence Original Face Wash,” Kent revealed. “Pair that with your Clarisonic and all your skin dreams will come true.”

Lala Kent previously told Us Weekly she keeps her skincare products in the refrigerator.

“I keep all of my products that I put on my face in the fridge, because anything cold is going to decrease the puffiness,” she shared. “So I take a mask out of the fridge, and put my frozen eye patches on and I call it a day.”

Kent also revealed that she buys toning masks to hydrate her skin at beauty stores like Ulta, and she uses a scrub to exfoliate every two to three days.

“I struggled with acne for a really long time and it’s definitely not fun and I want to help people feel good about themselves and embody beauty, which doesn’t always come from the outside, as we all know, but it helps to feel like your skin is looking good and glowy,” Lala told Us.

While Lala Kent says she used to have problems with her skin, her current skincare routine clearly works for her. Kent recently posed for a makeup-free selfie which her boyfriend Randall Emmett posted to Instagram, and there’s no denying her skin is picture perfect.

Happy Sunday. Home in Los Angeles

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Still, the Bravo star’s makeup line, Give Them Lala, is her baby. Lala told Athleisure the line has grown from one product to over 50 in a very short period of time.

“I started with only 6 lip colors and now have over 50 products,” the Vanderpump Rules star said. “For lips, we now have mattes, glosses, and liquid lipsticks. We also expanded into highlighters, eye shadow, eyeliner, and are still growing! My brand is my baby and she is growing up so beautifully. I’m extremely proud.”

As for her workout routine, Lala is lucky enough to have an onsite gym where she lives, so it’s easy to get her workouts in. Kent revealed that her gym has great equipment and everyone is familiar with one another and knows each other’s routine so no one ever fights over equipment or has to wait to use a machine. But Lala Kent also works with a trainer, Jenna Willis, who whips her into shape even after a late night out sabotages her.

I love my food and I love my drink,” Lala admitted. “Somehow she puts together routines that kick my butt into great shape even with my undisciplined diet. I love my sumo squats, side planks help my tummy get firm, and the rowing machine is a great warm-up!”