‘The Bachelor’ Star Amanda Stanton Confirms She’s Had A Breast Augmentation, Posts Before & After Photos

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Former The Bachelor contestant Amanda Stanton is confirming her breast augmentation surgery and sharing new before and after bikini pictures as she opened up about going under the knife. People reports that the reality star – who’s also appeared on the spin-off Bachelor In Paradise – confirmed her plastic surgery in a new post on her blog on April 31 and spoke openly about her decision to change her appearance.

Stanton confirmed that she got the breast augmentation surgery in February and explained that she made the decision after giving birth to and breastfeeding her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, who featured with her when she appeared on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, Season 20, in 2016.

“I don’t know a single mom who has breastfed in my world who didn’t contemplate the idea of getting a boob job or a lift of some sort,” Amanda said. “Before I was pregnant, I had full Bs. Once I had Kins & Char and breastfed them both for a year, they were basically… gone.”

Stanton then went into more detail about the specific implants she decided to have put into her body following a number of years of research into the procedure.

“You’ll see countless options out there,” the mom of two said, adding that her decision to have the plastic surgery operation was not a “hasty” one that she made.

“I got 250cc soft touch silicone implants. I originally always wanted saline because I know that it’s safer, but once I compared the two, silicone just felt so much better,” she continued of the more specific implants she opted for.

Amanda then noted in her blog that she didn’t “overdo” it when it came to the size of her new breast implants, which means that all the clothes she wore before going under the knife actually still fit her. She told fans that they may even now fit her even better than they did before with her new body shape.

Stanton also opened up about the recovery process in her personal new blog, admitting that the second day after she had her surgery was actually the most painful for her.

'The Bachelor' Star Amanda Stanton Confirms She's Had A Breast Augmentation, Posts Before & After Photos
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Amanda explained that she doesn’t like taking medication, and so tried not to take the medication that was prescribed to her. “I was able to get by with just Tylenol, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance.”

She then told fans in the blog post that now, around three months after she had her surgery, that the incision scar has almost disappeared.

“As for scarring, I went under the boob and my scar is basically gone,” Amanda revealed of how she’s doing post-surgery. “I used the silicone scar strips that were super helpful.”

Though this marked the first time Stanton has confirmed her breast augmentation, she has been open about having plastic surgery procedures in the past.

Back in April, the reality star’s surgeon shared a video of Stanton in the doctor’s chair getting lip injections to make her lips fuller.

Life & Style reported at the time that the reality star filmed the video herself which was then posted to the surgeon’s account.

Following her appearance on The Bachelor franchise in 2016, after failing to find love with then-Bachelor Ben Higgins, Amanda dated both The Bachelorette star Robby Hayes and Josh Murray, the latter who she met on Bachelor in Paradise.