WWE Announces David Arquette Is Returning To In-Ring Action And Twitter Goes Nuts


The WWE recently tweeted that David Arquette, the actor, producer, director, writer, fashion designer, and former WCW world heavyweight champion, would be returning to the squared circle. The WWE was reporting on the news that David Arquette recently shared on The Wendy Williams Show. As seen in the video below, the Scream actor was more than excited to be a guest of Wendy Williams, and even more pumped to make a special announcement.

After Williams complimented David Arquette, telling the multi-talented artist that he looks good, he said he just started working out because he has a really big announcement, and then he stated that he will be returning to professional wrestling. A wrestling promotional photo was shown of David “Magic Man” Arquette, which you can see in the video below, and the wrestler said he was playing with that name as a new gimmick.

He then explained that he was doing a promotional spot in WCW in 2000 for his film, Ready to Rumble, and he ended up becoming the champion. He remarked that ever since then, he has been trolled on the internet and said he wants to bring respect back to his name. He then explained to the audience that many fans blamed him for being partly responsible for the downfall of WCW, and he remarked that maybe he did have something to do with it.

But many pundits and industry professionals have stated, including many individuals who worked for WCW at the time, that’s simply not true. According to Bleacher Report, in 2000, Vince Russo was the primary writer for the defunct promotion, and ratings were dropping consistently throughout that era; viewers started to decline in 1999 after Vince arrived, and ratings plummeted the following year, the same year the company folded.

Russo scripted the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to change hands an unprecedented 25 times in 2000, including putting the belt on himself. This hot-potato booking lessened the importance of the coveted title, the same championship that was once held by Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Randy Savage, Goldberg, and Sting.

The comedian winning the title certainly didn’t do them any favors, but ratings reveal that WCW was already on a steep decline before the actor held the belt. But if people still want to put blame on the decision to have the film actor become champion, many feel that responsibility should be put on the shoulders of the decision maker, Vince Russo, and not the entertainer.

As a longtime wrestling fan, David Arquette didn’t want to become champion. He felt it would be an insult to the industry, but caved when Russo booked it. To this day, the former WCW writer feels it was a solid decision, as revealed in an interview by Mandatory.

WWE tweeted the announcement made on The Wendy Williams Show with a link to a WWE.com article teasing that Arquette may end up in the promotion — and then Twitter lost its mind.

But not everyone thought it was a bad idea, and Hurricane Helms, who wrestled for WCW during the Arquette era, defended the wrestler.

Even the professionals who didn’t like the “Magic Man” holding the title agreed that he has a deep respect for the industry. Though he may be a comedian, he takes the business very seriously.

WWE could have teased the entertainer coming to the company for numerous reasons; it could be because it’s simply an entertaining topic, or they may be gauging fans’ reactions since David Arquette wrestling for the company could help give them a boost in viewership, considering the company’s ratings have been on a dramatic decline over the last several years, as reported by Sportskeeda.