Baby Flung From Car During Accident In Russia [Video]

Baby Thrown From Car

A one-year-old baby girl has survived being flung from a car during an accident on a Russian highway.

The incident occurred on an icy patch of roadway outside of Moscow. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an oncoming truck. According to ABC News, the baby was thrown out of the car and onto the highway.

Fortunately for the baby, other drivers were able to avoid hitting the child as she tried to crawl across the road towards safety. The entire incident was caught on video courtesy of a dashboard camera mounted on a passing car.

Instead of placing the baby in secured seat, the 53-year-old driver let the one-year-old ride on a shelf located under the back windshield. When the driver attempted to pass another vehicle on the icy highway, he lost control of the car. As a result, the baby was flung out of the car.

The Daily Mail reports that the child landed face down on the pavement after being tossed from the vehicle. The baby suffered injuries to her head as a result, though none of these injuries as thought to be life-threatening.

The video embedded below shows shocking footage of the child attempting to crawl away from the car crash. A large truck can be seen narrowly missing the baby as it slams on its breaks. The parents quickly rush to the little girl’s rescue as another truck is heading down the road.

Driving conditions in Russia are often so dangerous that drivers employ the use of dashboard cameras in order to document any accidents. Footage of the baby being flung from the car was captured using such a device.

Footage of the accident has been embedded below.

What do you think about the baby being flung from the car during the accident? Do you think the parents should be held accountable for putting their child in harm’s way?