Tami Roman Lands Her Own ‘Basketball Wives’ Spin-Off, ‘The Beverly Trill Billies,’ Reports ‘Ebony’

Paras GriffinGetty Images

Tami Roman, the reality TV vet who hails from Season 1 of MTV’s hit reality show, The Real World, and VH1’s Basketball Wives LA, is reported to be starring in a new show called The Beverly Trill Billies. The Jasmin Brand reported that the premise of the show is a hilarious revival of the 1962 classic sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies.

The show is centered around a poor family who strikes oil on their land and moves to the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California.

It was reported exclusively to TJB that Tami’s new show will highlight her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood. The show will also feature Reggie’s entertaining family that lives in the south and Roman’s family as well.

Sources tell The Jasmin Brand that filming for the show is set to begin this summer.

Tami Roman’s comedy career is flourishing and she’s now touring. Tami’s “Bonnet Chronicles” began when the television personality uploaded uncut video clips of herself in a bonnet while commenting on scandals and other major news in the celebrity world.

Tami teamed up with TIDAL and now the series can be seen exclusively on the website, according to Rolling Out. When announcing the partnership between herself and TIDAL, Roman informed fans that they will get a free 90-day trial before they incur any billing from the streaming music site.

The highly successful series was executive produced by Roman and Ernest Dukes. The Bonnet Chronicles on TIDAL is a bi-weekly scripted series based on Tami’s unapologetic Instagram persona, “Petty Betty,” and her colorful family.

In the first episode of the Bonnet Chronicles, Betty, who is a single mom to her son, Kenny, has fallen on difficult times and are forced to deal with their new life.

Following the airing of Season 7, Episode 3 of the Basketball Wives LA, Tami’s co-star and nemesis on the show, Evelyn Lozada, took to Twitter and threw some insults at her cast mates after a couple of arguments that occurred due to ongoing issues.

The Livin’ Lozada star called out Tami in her tweets for allegedly lying about the timeline of events, according to the International Business Times.

On the show, in Tami’s confessional, she claimed that Evelyn should have known that she could have contacted her if she had personal issues that she needed to settle. However, Lozada called Roman dishonest and exclaimed, “LIES!!!!!!!!! Call you?!!!!! You sat up there and tried to play me.”

Evelyn then went on to refute Tami’s previous comments about Evelyn sleeping with her ex-husband, former NFL star Kenny Anderson, while they were still married. Lozada said that Roman filed for divorce in 1998 and she “messed with dude” one year later in 1999.

In her series of tweets, Evelyn also hurled a couple of insults Jackie Christie’s way. Christie previously accused Evelyn of meddling in her “family business” when Lozada donated money to Jackie’s daughter’s GoFundMe page.

One fan came to Lozada’s defense and said that she didn’t understand why Evelyn was receiving so much backlash for donating to Jackie’s daughter. Lozada replied with, “LOL! Let me know when u find out.”

Evelyn continued on by retweeting a post from a fan who shared a text message of Jackie being called crazy and accusing Tami of being jealous of Evelyn’s personal growth compared to previous seasons of the series.

The conflict between Evelyn, Tami, and fellow castmate Jackie Christie seemed to mount as the series unraveled.