Paris Hilton Rocks A Magical 'My Little Pony' Bikini In St. Barts

Paris Hilton's beachwear is magic. The 37-year-old heiress recently paid homage to a TV classic from her childhood by rocking a My Little Pony bikini. However, don't let the cartoon characters on her swimsuit fool you; her cute two-piece is actually the creation of a luxury fashion label.

On Thursday, Paris Hilton took to Instagram to show off her beach body. As reported by the Daily Mail, the fashionista's snapshot of her swimwear was taken on the shore of one of St. Barts' picturesque beaches. Hilton's playful choice of beach attire was a pastel blue string bikini covered with colorful cartoon butterflies. The two-piece also featured two classic My Little Pony characters on the top.

According to Net-A-Porter, the bikini is a spring, 2018 Moschino design. It's not visible in Paris Hilton's photo, but the fashion brand's name is featured on the back of the bikini bottoms. It's emblazoned on a rainbow like the one that appears in the intro for the '80s version of the My Little Pony cartoon series. The two retro ponies on the bust are named Sea Flower and Sand Digger.

Paris Hilton accessorized her whimsical swimwear with a pair of heart-shaped cat-eye sunglasses and an adorable blue and white purse shaped like a mini surfboard. According to Shopbop, the "Double C Surfboard Clutch" is a Mua Mua design.

Paris wore her hair in braided pigtails for her day at the beach, and she simply captioned her photo, "#SurferChick."

Paris shared a second photo of her bikini that was taken at a different angle and a distance away from the camera. It provided her Instagram followers with the opportunity to admire another small portion of the scenic backdrop that she chose for her mini photoshoot.

"Finding Paradise wherever I go," Paris captioned the second snapshot.

Paris Hilton and her sister, Nicky, 34, are currently in St. Barts for the wedding of their younger brother, 28-year-old Barron. Nicky also hit the beach soon after arriving on the French Caribbean island, but she opted to wear a more conservative swimsuit for her outing.

On Thursday, the younger Hilton sister took to Instagram to share a photo of her pretty pink one-piece with a feminine and flirty ruffle at the top. The strapless swimsuit also featured a summery floral print. Nicky accessorized her look with the same heart-shaped sunglasses that Paris is wearing in her beach snapshots.

"We have arrived! #TessaBarron2018," Nicky captioned her photo.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Hilton sisters will watch their younger brother and his bride, socialite Tessa Gräfin von Walderdorff, walk down the aisle on June 3.