Melania Trump Allegedly Didn't Write Latest 'Feeling Great' Tweet, But Donald Trump Did, Per 'Daily Mail'

A new report from the Daily Mail suggests that Melania Trump's last tweet -- where she claims that she's been "working hard" and "feeling great" -- was not written by the first lady, but was, in fact, written by Donald Trump himself.

Melania Trump was last seen 21 days ago, when she appeared at Andrews Air Force Base with her husband, President Donald Trump, to welcome hostages home from North Korea. On May 14, she checked into Walter Reed Medical Center, presumably for a "kidney procedure," and hasn't been seen since.

This led to conspiracy theories abounding, with claims that everything from a "system reboot" to a divorce had happened.

A hashtag was even created in her honor: #WheresMelania

Paolo Zampolli, Melania Trump's longtime friend, told the Associated Press that he thought his friend "wanted to spend quality time with her family." In addition, her Twitter "location" was changed to New York, leading many to believe that she was holed up in Trump Tower in New York City with her son, Barron Trump, "indefinitely."

However, Stephanie Grisham, who is the first lady's spokesperson in the White House, told another outlet that she was working on her "Be Best" campaign and working on other social events, like the annual White House Fourth of July picnic.

Grisham said that Melania would love to be more "public" with her appearances; however, her "health" comes first, which is why she's remained behind the scenes.

One of the reasons that many people believe that Melania Trump didn't write her "updating" tweet is because she used the phrase "the fake news is working overtime," a phrase frequently used by her husband, Donald Trump, to denigrate the press.

But yet another report from Hollywood Life suggests that there's a different reason for Melania Trump being out in public. She wishes that her husband's presidency was "over," and she's more interested in "downtime" for self-care than she is in fulfilling her unwanted first lady duties.

A trusted source told the outlet that the past few months have been "extraordinarily stressful" for the first lady, and she wants nothing more than to go back to her socialite life in New York, where she didn't have to work as hard as she's currently working.

Additionally, Donald Trump has been under a lot of pressure as well, and the outlet infers -- but doesn't directly state -- that he may have taken out some of his stress on his wife, which is why she's been AWOL.

It should be interesting to find out the truth about the whereabouts of Melania Trump.