'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kiki Makes A Complaint As Bensch Pulls Out All The Stops, Making Ava Suspicious

Thursday's episode of General Hospital will cover a lot of ground according to the latest spoilers, and viewers will see Kiki take a stand against Dr. Bensch and the harassment she'd endured from him. At the same time, it looks as if he'll be pushing forward, expecting to get his way on this front, but Ava may sense that something's up here. What else can fans expect from the May 31 show?

Viewers watched earlier this week as Bensch threatened to write a poor evaluation for Kiki unless she met him at his hotel room and got intimate with him. Kiki confided in Elizabeth and General Hospital spoilers detail that Liz's support will prompt Kiki to ask someone about filing an official complaint against the nasty doctor.

It looks like Elizabeth will offer to be by Kiki's side as she speaks out against the harassment she's endured, but General Hospital spoilers hint that this won't resolve the situation yet. As Kiki is trying to take a stand, it seems that Bensch will be preparing for the big night he thinks he's about to have.

Bensch will end up talking with Ava about wanting to "pick up something beautiful tonight." While viewers will have to tune in to see exactly how this conversation plays out, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he might stop by Ava's gallery in hopes of picking out some art that he thinks will somehow further or enhance his quest to sleep with Kiki.

Previews show that Ava seems a bit dubious or suspicious of the doctor, but it seems unlikely that she'll piece together how Bensch's attitude connects with her daughter's stress. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central note that next week, Ava will share what she witnessed, but this could reference several different storylines. It may be connected to Kiki and Bensch, but it could also be something tied to Carly and Nelle, or even the scandal of Griffin sleeping with Kiki.

Viewers know that as this plays out, the one-night drunken stand that Kiki had with Griffin is bound to have an impact in some way. Bensch will surely go to great lengths to protect his career if he learns that Kiki tried to file a complaint against him and he has a phone message from her saved that he may try to twist around and use to his advantage too.

Executive Producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Thursday's episode is a great one that will generate a lot of discussion. General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be juicy developments coming on many storyline fronts, but this one involving Kiki, Dr. Bensch, and the nod to the "Me Too" movement will surely get fans buzzing. What will it take for her to get the creepy doctor to back off? Fans are rooting for a win on this front and will be curious to see what comes next.