Samantha Bee Tears Into Ivanka Trump For 'Oblivious Tweet,' Receives Blowback Online For Her Crude Wording

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions' new immigration policy approach that is leading to an escalation in family separations at the border has generated a lot of buzz in recent days, and late-night host Samantha Bee dove into the issue in her latest show. As many others have done, Bee specifically took aim at a social media post that First Daughter Ivanka Trump posted in relation to the turn in immigration policy. Samantha's take resonated with many, but her frank talk also prompted some blowback online.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Ivanka Trump recently posted a photo on Twitter showing her cuddling her son Theodore and it immediately sparked outrage across social media. Many felt that it was a tone-deaf post when worries about children being separated by their parents at the border had been such a dominant story in the news at the same time that Ivanka put up her post.

As the Guardian details, Samantha Bee had a lot to say about Ivanka, President Trump, and these immigration policy shifts during her episode of Full Frontal. She joked that she'd just taken an Ambien and was ready to talk about racism, a clear dig at Roseanne Barr and her drama this week, and Samantha said that while Donald Trump didn't invent immigration issues, she feels that he's making it much worse.

Soon, Bee connected her outrage over the family separation policy to Ivanka's tweet. She called Trump's post the second most oblivious tweet of the week, seemingly again making a dig at Roseanne as having the most oblivious tweet, and the Full Frontal host said that Ivanka should be doing something about her father's immigration policies. Samantha noted that the president listens to his daughter, and she could have an impact on his policy direction in this instance.

Samantha Bee never holds back, and she didn't during this segment either. It didn't take long for her choice in wording to prompt some outrage on social media from conservatives. Of course, Bee's fans would say she was surely expecting what was thrown her way.

The comedienne called Ivanka a "feckless c*nt" and told her to "Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to f**king stop it." The Hill details that former Fox News talk show host, and current NBC show host, Megyn Kelly tweeted that Bee's comments were disgusting and conservative author and radio personality Mark Levin said that Samantha was a vile ignorant clown.

Did Samantha Bee go too far as she was blasting President Trump's immigration policy stance and First Daughter Ivanka Trump's "oblivious" tweet? It doesn't look as if the Full Frontal with Samantha Bee host is losing any sleep over the criticism she's received in response to her segment and chances are she's going to keep doing things the way she's always been doing them when she's feeling outraged over an issue.