Meanwhile In Australia, Thieves Steal Thor's Hammer From A Bar In Melbourne

With Chris Hemsworth playing Thor and Travis Fimmel filling the shoes of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok in the television series Vikings, many would be mistaken for thinking the Viking Age is alive, and, well, currently occupying the Southern Hemisphere rather than their traditional Scandinavian lands.

Now, the news coming out of Australia is that someone has stolen Mjolner, the mighty hammer belonging to Thor. While Thor is reportedly the only god strong enough to wield such a mighty weapon, it seems middle-aged thieves have managed to steal it from a bar in Melbourne, Australia.

According to, Mjolner, the Viking-themed Hardware Street bar in the central business district of Melbourne, had a replica of Thor's hammer stolen by "a group of brazen middle-aged thieves."

The replica weapon is one of only two made by Sam Bloomfield, who is also one of the weapon makers from Lord of the Rings. Bloomfield created the prop for the bar which also doubles as a whiskey decanter and The Balvenie Whisky commissioned it for the Mjolner bar.

Co-owner Greg Sanderson is devastated by the theft and while the prop may have cost thousands of dollars to make, it was not the monetary value which upset him so much.

Thor's Hammer, Mjolner Melbourne, Australia
Facebook | Mjolner

"We just want out hammer returned to its rightful place so our future guests can enjoy it," he revealed to

Mjolner released CCTV footage of the offenders via their Facebook page.

Filled with whiskey, the replica of Thor's hammer can weigh as much as 8 kilograms (which is more than 17.6 pounds) and was a prop on the bar that visitors liked to have their photo taken with.

According to Sanderson, the thieves worked together and distracted Mjolner staff on Saturday night in order to take off with the prized item. Initially, two men were in the bar but returned later in the evening with three more culprits. While staff were occupied, Thor's hammer was taken from its resting place and hidden from sight under their coats on the floor.

These thieves were so bold that, at one point, they even told staff that they had returned to the Mjolner bar specifically for the hammer.

Just before 3 a.m. CCTV footage reveals the group leaving the bar with the hammer covered in a coat.

Police are investigating the matter and it is reported that the group of men are aged between 30 and 50 years old. Anyone who witnessed the event or who have any information about the robbery are asked to come forward to police.

Meanwhile, Mjolner's Facebook page issued the following statement about their beloved prop.

"Just as in Infinity War, I call on you the Facebook Universe to unite in our quest to have Mjølner returned to us."
And, while they are missing their mighty hammer, Mjolner insists it will still be business as usual at their venue.