Netflix Renews 'The Rain' For Second Season

For those of you who binged on the post-apocalyptic series The Rain this month, it is time to get excited as Netflix announces the series has been renewed for Season 2.

Using the tagline, "The weather forecast is in: The Rain will return...", Netflix made the announcement about Season 2 of their first Danish original series. According to Variety, The Rain will likely air in 2019. Production on Season 2 will begin later this year.

Season 1 of The Rain is set in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia, where a water-borne virus kills off the vast majority of the population. Siblings Simone (Alba August) and Rasmus (Lucas Lynggard Tonnesen) are whisked away to a secure bunker by their parents. They then spend the next six years living there, too afraid to venture outside. However, when their food runs out, they have no other option and they must set out to find a new bunker.

However, once free from the bunker, they discover that the harsh new world is harder to exist in than they first suspected as they meet a group of young survivors who are jaded after living so long in the outside world.

The Rain was created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen, and Christian Potalivo, and resonated with audiences globally including the U.S., UK, Brazil, France, and Germany as well as in its native Denmark, according to Netflix.

Kelly Luegenbiehl, vice president of International Originals for Netflix, released the following statement about the Season 2 renewal of The Rain.
"We're really excited to team up with the talented cast and our team of amazing creators for another season. The Rain has a relatable and human story at its core and touches on universal themes everyone can identify with. The fact that season 1 reached audiences all over the world, proves once again that strong stories can transcend borders."
The Rain's head writer, Jannik Tai Mosholt, was excited that the post-apocalyptic series had received such an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers. He also revealed that there was so much more of the story to tell and he was thankful for the opportunity to expand on the universe created in the first season of The Rain.

Season 1 of The Rain stars Alba August (Reliance, Jordskott, and Unga Astrid), Mikkel Boe Folsgaard (A Royal Affair, The Legacy), Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen (Tidsrejen, Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes), Lars Simonsen (The Bridge, Brotherhood), Sonny Lindberg (The Legacy, Anti), Jessica Dinnage (The Guilty, The Man), Lukas Lokken (One-Two-Three Now!), and Johannes Kuhnke (Force Majeure).

Season 1 of The Rain is currently streaming globally on Netflix.